Italian furniture to buy from the UK

Italian furniture to buy from the UK

Edmont chair - made in Italy, supplied by Danetti

We all know that the Italians are the kings of style. You only have to take a look around Rome and see them all in their chic clothing, riding around on the scooters to know that there’s something very cool about them.

When it comes to furniture, Italian design is world renowned as very desirable – from leather chairs to beautiful moulded bar stools, the Italians know what they’re doing.

However, it’s not exactly convenient for you to pop over to Milan every time you need a new armchair, or a set of chairs for your dining room, is it? And even if you had the time, we’re not sure what the airlines would say about your excess baggage!

To make it easier for you to have Italian style without the airmiles, Danetti puts in the hard work for you. We source the very best Italian furniture and bring it back to the UK for you to buy. On our website, you’ll see the Italian flag next to the products that are Italian made.



Thank us? No, there’s no need. Well, you can buy us a cappuccino if you see us. Ciao!


Date Published: October 2010 

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