Interiors trends update: zone your rooms

The latest trend to emerge in the world of interiors is furniture zoning – it’s a great way to create useful and cosy areas within even the largest of rooms

Over the last few months we’ve started to see a shift in people’s furniture buying habits. There’s increasingly a trend away from sprawling open-plan spaces with all the furniture part of one large scheme. The new trend is for arranging furniture into ‘zones’ and using smaller pieces of furniture and flexible items such as modular sofas, coffee tables and bar stools to create intimate and useful living areas.

For example within one open plan living dining room, you may want to create a ‘reading area’ with two high backed arm chairs arranged near a book case and a reading lamp. Separate from this you may want a couple of small sofas or modular seating that can be arranged as you like, plus a coffee table and your TV and entertainment units. On the other side of the room you could place a dining table and chairs, a sideboard and lamps. In this way, a large space is broken up into three distinct ‘zones’ that make your home a nice place to live.

If the area you’re breaking up is a kitchen diner instead, then you might want to create a casual dining zone with a breakfast bar and bar stools, a formal dining area with dining table and chairs, and perhaps an area with floor cushions or low stools arranged around a TV and games console – so the family can be entertained while somebody cooks.

At Danetti we’re one step ahead of the trend – we have available a range of items that can easily be reconfigured, such as coffee tables that turn into dining  tables, simple stools that can be used as casual seating and also as coffee tables, and modular sofas that you can organise according to what you need.

Call us if you would like advice on designing your space – we’ll be only too happy to help.

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