Interior Inspiration: Black Chrome with Monochrome

Interior Inspiration: Black Chrome with Monochrome

We have just introduced a new finish to our range – Black Chrome. Chrome has never been so exciting – the reflective quality is still there but with a smoky filter that adds a stylish, unique appeal that works beautifully with the ever popular monochrome look.


So what is black chrome and what makes it different to chrome?

Black chrome is a dark luxurious finish which provides a great alternative to the brighter more reflective silver chrome – it has similar qualities and blends well with silver chrome but it is more subtle, a little deeper and less contrasting but it still creates a very strong look when used alone or combined with other finishes.


Can I mix Black Chrome in my kitchen / dining room as it already has brushed chrome and chrome accents?

Black chrome is very versatile and quite subtle and will instantly make a statement in a room. Becuase it’s still a type of chrome it tones in and compliments other metalic elements. It can be used in very different ways – especially with the ever-popular Monochrome trend. Don’t be afraid to use black chrome, its smoky dark looks are for everyday use and will add to what you already have in your kitchen/dining room! This stand alone finish isn’t about matching as it works well on its own but it does blend with other finishes and textures and is a perfect ingredient in black and white schemes.


What is Monochrome?

The official definition of Monochrome is when you use black, white and grey or varying tones of only one colour. We feel that there are three strong ways to use Monochrome; High Contrast, Mid-Tone and Scandi Monochrome – read on and all will be revealed…


How can I use Monochrome with Black Chrome in my home?

Using a black and white colour scheme in your home is a brave and refreshing way of decorating – a great way of breathing life into a tired space. Here’s how to create your own version of a Monochrome scheme using our Black Chrome range.


1. High Contrast Monochrome:

Black and White – This is a pure look, strong, graphic and very visual.  It has a high contrast style and is perfect for lovers of the contemporary home with a crisp, clean and sophisticated style that is not ‘muddied’ with other tones. 


Get the Look with Danetti:

  • Dining chairs like the Elise Black Chrome Dining Chairs and Elise Black Chrome Bar Stools in black and white faux leather would be the perfect match for this look. Choosing a white upholstered seat against the Black Chrome frame creates a fabulous sharp contrast.

  • If you are after something a little more luxurious it could be worth checking out the black and white Form Black Chrome Dining Chairs in black chrome from the Julia Kendell collection. Create an overall black look by teaming a black chrome frame with a black upholstered seat.

  • For a really glossy ‘luxe’ look, team a white gloss Eva table with black or white leather dining chairs.

  • As this monochrome look is strong and high contrast, use furniture that is either pure black, pure white or a blend of black and white like our Bianco nest of side tables.

  • If you are looking for something more linear then check out the striking Neo collection with it’s strong black frames and glass table tops it will create a perfect contrast within a black and white scheme.



2. Mid-tone Monochrome:

Black, White and Grey: This scheme is a much more muted look and creates more atmosphere by adding another layer to contemporary pure black and white. This is more about using white and grey with black and grey, so its really about adding a bit more of a tonal middle ground and perfect for those of you wanting to create a softer look. Grey lightens the look and broadens the palette.




Get the Look with Danetti:

  • Our gorgeous new Elise black chrome dining chairs in putty grey faux leather or the black chrome Form dining chairs in in Graphite Grey would be ideal for this look, with the muted grey colour bridging the gap between the black and white. 

  • To create this kind of monochrome look it’s important to use grey as a filler to soften the effect. Furniture that combines a mix of tones, like the Assi White and Grey Gloss Sideboard, is ideal for this looks as it encompasses the trend in on key piece. You can layer up varying tones to get an eclectic but still cohesive space. 

  • A combination of colours and finishes can be used for this look. Black Chrome blends well with silver chrome, glass surfaces, various leathers and obviously touches of pure black and white. 



Scandi Monochrome:

Black, White, Grey and Wood:

The third Monochrome look is much more organic and earthy. Black, white and grey teamed with wood and other natural textures and neutral colours. This palette is more modern Scandinavian in style but very effective and hugely popular this year. As far as blending our Black Chrome range into this look goes, it’s really a question of combining a mix of all three looks but adding wood tones and more natural elements to create a tactile, contemporary look. 




Get the Look with Danetti

  • Black Chrome Form Barstools with lighter colours such as cool grey would work well but don’t forget to drop a splash of pure black and white into the mix or it will look insipid. It’s the pure black and White that creates the accents and adds punch! 

  • Choose an oak table as your starting point like the Sanza dining table in Oak, or the Luka Oak and White Extending Dining Table and then drop in black and white elements, perhaps with your choice of chairs. A blend of finishes will make this look tactile and natural too so look at combining black chrome, chrome, oak and white wood.

  • The Penny Oak and Grey Side Table is made up of two colours and finishes and creates the perfect balance for the stronger hints of black and white.




So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping and start experimenting and introduce some black chrome and monochrome black and white interior design ideas into your home!


Published Date: September 2016

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