Interior design trends for autumn 2010

By Charlotte Laing

There’s no doubt that the aftermath of the recession is still influencing our tastes when it comes to our homes. We tend to be going one of two ways – either turning the home into a luxurious cocoon, where we can escape the austerity of the outside world; or reflecting the austerity with a spirit of make-do-and-mend, including mis-matching fabrics and second-hand finds nestling among contemporary furniture.

In this article we want to take a look at how you can create both of these looks in your home…

1. The luxe cocoon

This trend is probably the most significant for autumn winter 2010. Debenhams has reported that sales of its chandeliers have gone through the roof since the economic downturn began almost two years ago. The key to this look is a bit of glitz and sparkle, quality furniture and opulent fabrics. Opt for neutral shades of grey, taupe and cream and mix in metallics gold, silver and bronze. Shapes should be fluid and rounded, nothing harsh or sharp looking. Finally, invest in some quality finishing touches like chandeliers, cushions, candles and champagne buckets!

1. Chandelier, £79, Debenhams

2. Luxy cream leather sofa, Danetti

3. Linda Barker gold cushion, £12, Matalan

4. Bubble tub chair in grey, Danetti 

5. Potenza scroll legs extendible dining table, Danetti 

2. The make-do-and-mend look

It’s a little bit vintage, a little bit eclectic and a lot of fun – brght colours, often clashing, combine with traditional styling – think teacups and cute cushions mixed with real wood furniture and brightly coloured stools. To make sure your furniture lasts the test of time, invest in statement block colour furniture and solid wood, then ‘dress’ the look with disposable accessories like cushions, tea-towels, lamps and crockery.

1. Keri wire mesh chair, Danetti, 

2. Tea cup and saucer, £6.99, Not On The High Street

3.Various circular ‘Orbit’ stools, Danetti, 

4. ‘Make do and mend’ cushion, £20, Bhs

5. Compton coffee table, Danetti, 

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