Inspired by Hygge: How to Create a Hygee Home

Inspired by Hygge: How to Create a Hygee Home

A quick and simple guide to Hygge. The latest style trend sweeping the nation…

As the long Winter creeps up, and the all too familiar blanket of grey cloud envelops us, some of us start to feel somewhat deflated and miserable. We start to look forward to Christmas with a spark of comfort in our hearts. It’s that tiny glimmer of light in the middle of the long and more often than not wet, dark, miserable wintery days. For many of us,  it does feel like some sort of trial we all have to go through- for what feels like months on end.

Well! What if there was a way to change our mindset and actually revel in this time of year? To hunker down, batten down the hatches and, well, almost look forward to it? I know, it may sound crazy, but funnily enough, this Autumn, we’ve found the solution. It has arrived in the form of the much feted Danish word…Hygge!


Many of us Brits have gone crazy for a bit of Hygge. It’s a brilliant excuse to be happy, it’s a style revolution! (ok, maybe not a style revolution, but people are making out like it’s never been done before apart from in Denmark) It’s so simple, it’s literally an emotion we can all feel. The best part is- it doesn’t cost a thing! But by golly it makes life feel so much warmer, calmer and better. Let me explain for those of you who haven’t been hit by the hygge bug yet.

So what is Hygge?

Well it is a Danish word that describes an attitude to life. It’s not supposed to be translated as it is an emotion or a feeling. However if we had to translate it, it sort of means ‘cosiness’. 

How do you say it?

Its pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ (just incase you are tempted to say huggie out loudly or something embarrassing like that!)

Where is it from?

It is a very substantial part of Danish life. With long cold winters and up to 17 hours of darkness per day people tend to spend lots of time indoors. Instead of dreading it and moaning about it – the Danes take it on the chin and positively welcome it as a great time of year to get Hygge with it(!).

So this could mean getting together for a meal by candlelight or the fire, or it could be just cuddling up on the sofa with a warm throw and reading a book. It’s basically learning how to be indulgent, and not denying yourself anything (those Vikings really know how to live!). It’s being kind to yourself and to others, its a state of mind. Being in a content and happy place spiritually.


So, do you get it? Have a look below to find out what’s Hygge and what’s not:

  • Sipping a hot chocolate by the fire – Definitely Hygge
  • Glugging a beer under the striplight in the kitchen – Not at all Hygge
  • A relaxed, casual meal with candles, good friends or family – Totally Hygge
  • Driving to the local kebab shop and waiting in the queue with your friend Nope – not in the least Hygge
  • Putting on your cosy bed socks, snuggling on the sofa and watching a box set – Super duper Hygge
  • Watching the news with cold bare feet and all the lights turned up – Hygge has left the building……

So, hopefully that will help you understand Hygge – it’s a great way to endure the Winter. It’s the ultimate in ‘feelgood’ and will help promote a feeling of peace, and inner wellbeing….


As a company that like to be ‘on trend’ we’ve been hygge without knowing it for some time now. So, we thought we’d share some of our favourite Hygge moments with you to get you in the mood.

So, come on! What are you waiting for? Go forth and buy cosy socks, felt covered mugs, logs for the fire, candles, tealights, and embrace it. You’ll find that the Winter is a lot more bearable and, who knows – you might even start to enjoy the gloomy, grey UK climate!

Published Date: November 2016 

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