Innovative Storage Ideas for the Home

Storage is such an important aspect of the home. It allows us to show off or hide away our items. It gives everything a home and will keep anything we do not wish people to see, out of plain sight. With ample storage you can create an uncluttered, minimalist environment, without the need to sacrifice your things to achieve it.

If you are fighting to find space at home to store all your bits and pieces, and can’t bear to part with anything, why not have a look at some inventive storage ideas that we have found on the web.

Here are 2 brilliant storage ideas for your stairs.

The Amazing StaircaseThis inventive stairwell was designed and built for a top floor flat in a London town house.

The stair treads are made from solid Oak, and provide shelves that wrap around 3 sides of the space. Books fully line the shelves and create a miniature, library-esque style environment.

This proves that even in a small space you can create a lot of storage. Click Here to see the full article about this ingenious staircase.

A Brilliant Storage Idea

This second example of stairwell storage, uses just the space, normally wasted, under each step. By inserting a drawer under the tread, and using the riser as the drawer front, you can create large, easily accessible storage.

Unlike the idea above, this hides your items away, rather than putting them on show. The drawers themselves are so discreet, that you wouldn’t even notice them unless you knew they were there.

Click Here to read the full article.

These ideas could be easily adapted, on a smaller scale, for your home and really help to keep your space clean and clear. The perfect solutions for your clutter needs.

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