How to create a minimalist home

Some people think that minimalism in interiors is just about not owning many things – having white walls and very few items of furniture.

The truth is that the key to a really great minimalist look lies in simply choosing the things to put in your home.

Follow our five step guide to creating a beautiful, modern minimalist interior and you’ll never look back!

1.Opt for furniture with clean lines and simple shapes. Fussy, ornate furniture can cause a room to look cluttered. If a piece of furniture is well designed and useful, it will be beautiful in its own right, not because of decoration. Key pieces to invest in are chairs made without joints or screws – something moulded and streamlined.

2. Add interest with key pieces, and make sure they are beautifully presented. Rather than opting for a patterned sofa or curtains, keep detail restricted to objects – perhaps a gorgeous ceramic vase, or a limited edition print – and display them with purpose. Perhaps you could have a simple table with the vase as the centre piece, or the print framed and illuminated with a spotlight.

3. Have a place for everything. Piles of papers are household utensils are not worth putting on show! Hide them away and it will really help you to achieve the minimalist look. It’s important to be realistic about how many possessions you have and make sure you buy enough storage.

4. Opt for colour blocks – not necessarily just white, but bright colours too. The important thing is to have  large expanses of one colour, as this adds to the uncluttered effect.

5. Don’t ignore the details. Make sure there are no outstanding DIY projects, chips in the paintwork or areas that need attention – in a minimalist scheme every aspect of the room must be neat, clean and elegant looking, or the overall effect will be lot.

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