How to…Care for High Gloss Furniture

How to…Care for High Gloss Furniture

Need some advice on looking after your High Gloss Furniture? Here are our top tips to keep your High Gloss Furniture looking brand new! All you will need is a feather duster, soft microfibre cloths, a spray bottle filled with clean water.

On a daily basis you can wipe over the High Gloss furniture with a feather duster to remove any dust that might accumulate throughout the day. To remove finger marks or sticky patches, you should use the microfibre cloth with a touch of soapy water and ‘buff’ away the fingermarks and patches. Ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure when cleaning the surfaces as they can easily be damaged.

If you spill any food or drink on your High Gloss Furniture, it is recommended that you wipe it away immediately. This is because the Lacquer Paint could become stained by the spilled substance. But if this isn’t possible, use a microfibre cloth with some soapy water and it should easily wipe right off. After you have cleaned your High Gloss Furniture you can use a dry microfibre cloth to buff away the water to create a beautiful shine.


  1. Use a feather duster to remove day to day dust
  2. Microfibre cloth with water removes finger prints or sticky patches
  3. Make sure that you do not use chemical cleaners
  4. Wipe up food or drink spillages immediately
  5. Dry microfibre cloth to buff away excess water

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