How to Become Your Own Interior Designer

How to Become Your Own Interior Designer

So you’re finally in your new house, however, the dated decor leaves little to be desired. You’re thinking to yourself “it’s going to take a qualified interior designer to sort this place out”.


There’s no need to fork out for an interior designer when you could quite easily do it yourself! Plus, you’ll have great fun along the way and learn a few new skills. Follow our ten steps and you’ll be well on your way to creating the home of your dreams.


1. Focus on What You Like in Your Home

The first thing to do is to focus on what you like to do in your home. Think about how it gets used, or how you would like to use it. Perhaps you’d like a cosy TV and games room for the kids or a quiet spot where you can sit and read. This may require a bit of re-configuring but that’s why creating your dream home is all about.


Luxe Chaise and Ripple Glass Coffee Table in Gold


It’s all these considerations can form a ‘Wishlist‘. Your wishlist will end up being very similar to a brief that you would give to an interior designer, so it’s a good place to start even when you’re doing it yourself.


2. Don’t be Afraid to Borrow Ideas


Create a Pinterest board of looks you love and details you would like to incorporate. Don’t just take inspiration from the internet, though. Get out and about, visit art galleries, beautiful shops, friends homes and restaurants and take snaps of the areas which really catch your eye. Remembering these places and ideas can help you understand how form, texture, colour, scale, lighting and space can be combined to create something you like.



3. Bring out the Best in What You Have


Try to bring out the best in what you already have and work with it. What are its best features? Perhaps it’s a beautiful fireplace, an incredible view or a high ceiling? Accentuate these features with lighting and furniture arrangement to create a dramatic focal point. If you have a modern house, there’s no point trying to make it ornate or trying to create a ‘heritage’ look. You have been blessed with a blank canvas to create the modern home you’ve always envisioned- be it glam, or minimal.


Aria, Santo and Loop Bench Set, from Interhouse Design 


4. Get the Basics Right, and the Rest Will Fall into Place


Although it’s tempting to get carried away with thoughts of the fun stuff like wallpaper and soft furnishings, you really need to think carefully about the basics first. Create boards of flooring, tiles, wallpapers and paint samples to make sure you’re happy with your chosen colours and finishes. Once you have the basics figured out, the little details will simply fall into place.


Santo Dining Chairs and Canio Occasional Chair in White


5. Select Your Furniture Wisely


Just because you like the look of a piece of furniture doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good in your space. Make sure you always measure your room before investing in furniture. To really make sure there are no errors, draw out a plan of the room to scale on squared paper. Then you can draw in the furniture so you can see exactly how it will look. At Danetti we make this easier, by always providing full measurements for our products. It’s also worthwhile measuring your doorways and stairwells – the last thing you want is for your furniture to arrive and then not to fit through the door!


Dillon Sofa with Halo Walnut Coffee Table and Walnut Duo


6. Think About Your House as a Whole


Too many people isolate one room, give it a certain vibe and colour scheme, and then chose something totally different in the room next door. Rooms shouldn’t all be decorated the same, but it does help if there is some harmony. This is a particular skill of an interior designer, but it’s a useful habit to get into.


Finn Barstools


You want your living spaces to be vibrant and energetic, such as kitchens and playrooms, but keeping your resting rooms more subdued, like your living room and bedroom. Stick to a harmonious colour palette and a similar style throughout. The best part of this is that your furniture should then be interchangeable between rooms. Meaning you can refresh your home whenever you see fit with things you already own.


7. Don’t Forget Lighting


In most modern homes spotlights are the preferred option. They are great as they distribute light evenly across a room and don’t get in the way. However, they can be quite harsh in the evenings and don’t offer much character. If you have spotlights, think about adding a few tasteful lamps to your home. these will give out a softer light and promote a more relaxed home.


Acute Console Table


Where possible use your pendant lights to create a statement or a focal point. This could be a cluster of low hanging pendants over a dining table or a beaded chandelier in a grand entranceway. Lighting will create mood and give a space personality, so be sure to give it some consideration.


8. Keep Your Budget in Mind at all Times


You don’t want to run out of money halfway through a renovation project, so set yourself a budget and stick to it. Some things are worth investing in, such as flooring and your larger furniture like sofas and dining tables. Where trends change so frequently there is no point spending hundreds on your soft furnishings and decorative accessories. These smaller trend items are more cost effective so buy what you like, but don’t spend the earth as you’ll probably be bored after a few years!


Robin Sofa Range


Remember when spending on any electrical appliances and gadgets that new technology soon becomes old technology, so it’s probably not worth spending that much on the latest fad- do your research and invest in timeless items.


9. Be Professional in Your Dealings with Tradesmen


Before committing to a tradesman, be sure to have done your research, have a few recommendations and get a few different quotes. You should also ask for references and ask to see their previous projects. If they are good, then they shouldn’t object. It’s useful to put your objectives in writing, as this can be a useful document fall back on if things do not turn out as expected.

Builders don’t have the same artistic vision as interior designers, so be sure to keep a close eye and communicate every step of the way- too much communication will be better in the long run and save any unwanted surprises!


Zen and Elise Dining Set


10. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help


Sometimes your creativity may run dry, and that’s ok! Being innovative and artistic all the time isn’t easy. Look to those who inspire you and maybe ask for help or advise. Independent furniture retailers such (like us here at Danetti) are very familiar with the process of furnishing a home successfully. We would be more than happy to help you find the pieces that will work well together and bring out the best in your home. Just give us a call and we will happily suggest a few beautiful options.


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