Get Fruity with Brightly Coloured Kitchen Dining Chairs

Get Fruity with Brightly Coloured Kitchen Dining Chairs

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with our bold and bright dining chairs. From zesty lime green and zingy yellow shades to modern designs with a low maintenance finish, explore our top picks for introducing some colour to your kitchen-diner.

Finn Dining Chair

Finn Pink Dining Chair

Create a simple and fresh look without the big price tag. Our Finn design is a five-star rated family favourite as it’s perfect for busy families with its light texture and easy wipe-clean surface. It’s made from Polypropylene, meaning as well as being low maintenance, it’s highly durable, so it’s a great choice for messy mealtimes if your dinners are prone to the odd spillage!

From cooling light blue to soft baby pink, the Finn Dining Chair is available in multiple palettes. If you want to go for a real curated-look, pair your dining chairs with matching Finn Bar Stools.

Stylo Dining Chair

Stylo Dining Chairs

From a rich mulberry purple to vibrant teal, we’ve selected a palette of exclusive colours for our Stylo Dining Chairs. Go for a seamless look by picking a single colour or make a statement by mixing and matching seat colours around your table.

The Stylo has more to offer than just a bright colour; the chairs are durable and light-weight which makes them perfect for a busy dining space as they can be moved around or pulled in and out with ease. They will also tuck all the way under your table so are a great space saver for smaller spaces.

Delta Dining Chair

Delta Mustard Dining Chair

Keep your kitchen vibrant with the Delta Dining Chair – available in Pantone’s Colour Of The Year: Illuminating Yellow. This particular shade works well when used as an accent colour, adding pops of bright and positive colour to a space.

It’s a vibrant and cheerful shade that will lift up any room and pairs perfectly when used with blue to create a warm and balanced look. Blue adds depth to  space while yellow is vibrant and energised.

The Delta design is also a bold and industrial look with its slick black finish.

Ida Dining Chair

Ida Mustard Yellow Dining Chair

Available in neutral and bright shades, the Ida Dining Chair is a great way of adding a fresh and effortless update to your dining space. One of the features that sets the Ida apart from other plastic chairs is the PU upholstered seat. Although our range of plastic chairs are incredibly comfy, the PU upholstery makes the seat that bit softer to the touch, so its perfect for those longer family mealtimes.

The seat of the Ida Dining Chair is also made from moulded Polypropylene. This is such a clever material choice as it means that the chair has a wipe clean and durable finish that won't easily show grubby fingerprints.

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Publish Date: February 2015 

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