Furniture ideas for small spaces

When you have lots of space to play with, you hardly have to give a thought to your furniture choices, but furnishing a small home can be a lot trickier. You’ll have to measure every dimension and find pieces that will fit the most awkward of gaps. At the same time, you have to bear in mind that it’s important to have some floor space free so your home doesn’t become too cramped.

At Danetti we’re used to helping people furnish their homes – both big and small, and we love the challenge of sourcing items that will help to make your living space a much nicer place to be.

We thought we’d draw your attention to a few of our pieces that are either so neat in proportion that they look good even in tiny flats, and also to a couple of our multi-functional products that save space because they can be used for different purposes.


First up, we wanted to show you the Bodil sofa – it’s fantastic for small living rooms because it doesn’t have the enormous padded arms that you find on many sofas, which can take up a metre of your valuable space if you’re not careful – instead it has neat metal arms. The seat and back rest is just as comfortable as a regular sofa though.


Next, a modern nest of tables – the Emery set – which are very useful in small homes. While you may think of nests of tables as something your grandmother used to have for putting bowls of peanuts around the living room at Christmas time, they’ve moved on, and are still actually a  useful thing to have if you need extra surfaces when you have people over, but want them out of the way the rest of the time. The Emery nest of tables is fantastic value for money and has three tables, each with a chrome frame and glass top.


If it’s seating that you need, then consider bar stools – these Silvi plastic bar stools are cool, contemporary and great value for money, plus they’re stackable so they’re a great temporary seating solution if you have a party or friends over, but can be compactly stored when not in use. Generally, bar stools can be a very good idea if you have a small home. When teamed with a wall-mounted slim-line bar table, they can provide you with somewhere to sit for meals without taking up much floor space.


Next, take a look at this tri-purpose product – it’s a stool, table and storage unit all in one! The Somen coffee table can be opened to store magazines, toys, blankets, or whatever you like, and it can be flipped over to make a comfy padded stool. It’s ideal for modern homes, and it’s a very popular option for our commercial clients as well, as it’s ideal for bars and clubs.


Flexibility is important in a small home – sometimes you’ll need a large dining table, but probably not all the time, and when you don’t need one, you don’t want it dominating your room. A great option is to go for an extending table. The Pollock Multiform table is amazing because it can be used as a coffee table, extended to make a formal dining table , or even just half extended, so you have two separate surfaces – great for parties!

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