Funky bar stools are ideal for teenage girls’ bedrooms

If you have a teenage daughter and you’ve ever had the honour (or should that be misfortune?) of having a group of teenage girls getting ready for a night out in your home, you’ll know the scene all too well: hair straighteners plugged into every power point, clothes, glitter and lipgloss strewn everywhere, hair-dryers blasting and girls sat on beds, tables and the floor.

If this sounds familiar, we’ve got a product suggestion that may make the night out preparations a little more ordered and sophisticated. Our glam faux leather bar stools will transform the bedroom into a mini beauty parlour, the girls can sit on them and have their hair and makeup done by each other while perched in front of the mirror. Bar stools which swivel are best as the girls can turn around as the straighteners or tongs are used on all sides.

We’ve just started stocking a very funky bar stool called ‘Bermuda’ – it’s faux leather and comes in white or black with a gas-lift base for adjusting the height, a 360 degree swivel and a supportive back. It’s a great value option too, so we think it’s the ideal product for making a home beauty parlour.

The only trouble is, your home will become the most popular place for all the girls to get ready, so be prepared!

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