Folding coffee shop tables, now that’s clever

Space-saving furniture is really important both at home an on commercial premises. For coffee shop owners who want to have seating and tables outside when the sun shines, they are faced with the problem of what to do with the tables and chairs when the sun goes in (which is all too often!).

To tackle this problem, Danetti has sourced café tables that can be folded up and stacked ready for storage. These collapsible tables solve all your space worries.

For example, we’ve got the Strat folding table (left), which has a solid cast aluminium frame and can have many different table tops (sold separately). It’s got a folding mechanism which allows you to tilt the table top so it’s vertical and the bases can be stacked to save space. They are perfect for use outdoor or inside. See the STRAT folding table.

Another option is the Anas table base (below), which has a contemporary design, heavy weight base and is made from aluminium.

For extra style, the base has been sand blasted and then painted with grey epoxy polyester, giving the table base a matt finish. Like the Strat, the Anas base has a space saving design allowing the table bases to be stacked together closely, perfect for a cafe, bar or restaurant environment. The Anas is available at two heights; either a cafe table height or bar table height. View the ANAS folding table.

And to view Danetti’s large range of table tops which can be used with these bases, view the table tops page.

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