Eames Style Dining Chairs Available for a Limited Time!

Eames Style Dining Chairs Available for a Limited Time!

 Yes, I’m afraid you did read the title of this article right…Our current range of Eames Style Dining  Chairs will only be available to buy until 28th January 2017!

It’s sad, we know…but don’t get too worried, we know just how much you love this style of dining chair and so we have launched a  BRAND NEW range that has all the amazing benefits of the Eames chairs but with even more styles and colours to choose from.  

Why are we Discontinuing the Eames Styles?

A new UK copyright law for the sale of reproduced classic furniture will now protect classic designs.

The repeal of section 52 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 means that iconic design products will now be protected for 70 years (rather than the previous 25 years) after a designer dies.

This means that after 28th January 2017, you  will no longer be able to buy reproductions of the Eames Style Dining Chairs anywhere in the UK!!


Eames Dining Set Danetti

Tiva Glass & Eames Wire Frame 6 Seater Dining Set


Fern White Gloss and Eames Chairs Dining Set

Fern Gloss Table & Eames Chair 4 Seater Dining Set


Get Your Eames Style Chairs Now…Before Time Runs Out!

The Eames Style Dining Chair successfully made its mark in 2016 as part of the mid-century modern style revival. However, with the new change in law at the end of January 2017, we think that this trend is set to develop with designs becoming more contemporary rather than nostalgic.


Eames Chairs and Fern Grey Gloss Dining Table

Fern Grey Gloss & Eames Chair 6 Seater Dining Set.

Choose from 11 Mix & Match Colours.


Our  Eames Style Dining Chairs are now available from just £29!

As one of our Top Rated products, these are selling out fast! There are 4 different styles of chair and 11 different colours to choose from.

Don’t miss out…Get yours now, whilst stocks last! Click Here.


Eames Wire Dining Armchair aqua blue eames chair
Eames Chair Colour Range. Danetti.com

Fancy a change? Introducing The Next Generation of Contemporary Dining Chairs…The Delta, Finn, Stylo, Ida & Zilo!

Our new range of dining chairs offer a  contemporary take on an iconic design and feature our exclusive on-trend colour palette.   This is the next generation of Eames style dining chairs and we think that you’re going to love them!

Featuring an ergonomically curved seat and sturdy wooden or metal legs, these chairs take inspiration from the mid-century modern design aesthetic to create the next generation of contemporary dining chair.  These chairs offer the ideal solution for the modern family lifestyle. A winning combination of function, style and practicality.

Available in a range of subtle muted tones and vibrant accent colours (hand picked by our in-house design team here at Danetti), these chairs have all of the style credentials to become the next iconic dining seat and are the perfect addition to any contemporary dining room or kitchen.
Or New Chairs are available to buy now…Get Yours Here!


Published Date: January 2017 

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