Danetti’s Guide to the Correct Sitting Posture

Danetti’s Guide to the Correct Sitting Posture

 We don’t always think about the way we sit. It comes so naturally and we do it so often, that it’s likely we’ve sunk into bad habits that may be comfortable, but are bad for our bodies. Next time you sit down to eat have a think about your body and posture: do you slouch? cross your legs? are they tucked up on the seat?

In this post, we offer some of our top seating tips that will benefit not only your body but, believe it or not, also your mood and mind! This is so you can stay sitting comfortably each and every meal time.


Proper Seating Posture

1. Ensure that your buttocks are touching the back of the dining chair and you are sitting up with your back straight and your shoulders back. A seat with a higher back will naturally keep your back straighter and stop your shoulder hunching forwards.

2. Whilst sitting on the dining chair make sure you distribute your weight evenly on both hips.

3. When seated bend your knees at a right angle making sure they are higher than hip level. A seat with a slight curve at the front, like the Verona, are ideal for this as they help keep your legs in the right position with minimal effort.


4. Make sure you have 2 to 3 inches of space between the back of your knee and the edge of your dining chair seat.

5. Ensure that you keep your feet flat on the floor. You can use a footrest if this is not possible or if on a bar stool, put the middle part of your soles on the footrest.


Added Comfort

6. Try not to remain in the same position for great lengths of time. If you want to sit at your dining table for longer than just to eat, make sure you choose a seat that has enough padding.

Dining chairs with extra seat padding, like our Deco, will offer even more comfort and support when seated. The chair slightly tucks around you back at the base, almost moulding to your shape. This is so you can sink back and get unashamedly comfortable!


7. When sitting in a chair up against a table, place your arms at a 90° angle. This will help you remain upright but will relax your shoulders. Alternatively, a dining armchair gives you the option to rest your arms on either side. This will help you to keep your shoulders relaxed while seated and find a position that’s most comfortable.


8. When sitting on a bar stool that swivels, do not move the chair without moving your body with it.
9. If you’re looking for added comfort and support, opt for a dining chair with good lower back (lumbar) support for the normal curve in your back. Alternatively, extra support can be created using a lumbar roll, even a small pillow, or rolled up towel will have a similar effect.
10. When leaving a stool or chair, move to the front of the chair so you can bend your knees to leave the seat.

So there you have it…

Now you know how to sit, you need some stylish chairs to sit on! Head on over to our website to view our collection of dining chairs and bar stool seating. You can also read our Ultimate Dining Chair Buying Guide here.


Published Date: September 2008 

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