Colour Trend How To – Oak and Blue Hues

Colour Trend How To – Oak and Blue Hues

Do you find it hard to decide which colours to use in your home? Don’t worry, I do too. Whether you want to update your kitchen by adding coloured dining chairs, or completely redecorate your home, we’ve got it covered!

Blue is a big colour this season, with Dulux announcing Denim Drift as their Colour of the Year 2017. Pantone even had a similar shade, Serenity, and their colour of the year for 2016. However when it comes to using blue in your home there are so many shade to choose from. How do you choose the right shade for your home? And how do you know what look to go for? Do you decorate your kitchen in neutral shades and keep blue as an accent colour, or go all out and have blue feature walls, blue furniture and blue accessories?

When it comes to decorating your dining room, kitchen or lounge, you have to think about how often the room will be used. If used daily then choose a more subtle and harmonious colour pallet. However, if you have a separate Dining room or lounge, maybe think about darker blues to create a more dramatic atmosphere. Either way, we all know that blue is a very versatile colour… plus it looks great with Oak!

To help you visualise the colours, we have created this mood board for you, using White, Grey, Steel Blue and Oak. Using this same colour pallet we can create 3 very different looks, by varying the amount of each colour used…. 

Colour Trend 1 : Touch of Blue

If your room is already quite muted but you want to inject a bit of colour, then why not try using coloured chairs– in this instance, blue dining chairs or an ice blue sofa.

You can easily add warmth or change the ambience of a room by swapping our chairs for different coloured ones. As you can see in the below picture the cool blue grey Clover dining chairs add a cool air to this kitchen which would otherwise be dark with the dark wood, and so makes this combination a nice balance.

Colour Trend 2 : Moody Blues

If, like me, you are totally in love with the current paint trend of inky, moody, dark shades, this navy sofa might just be what you’re looking for! By choosing a dramatic colour for your sofa, you add a focal point to your room for an on trend style statement which can then be paired with wooden side tables or a coffee table. For this deeper hue, we would recommend pairing with a dark wood to keep in tune with the moody vibes.

Decision Made

Still unsure on how to style your home using blues and oak? Well, we have some top tips to keep in mind when decision making…

  • By sticking to a colour pallet of different shades of blue, you will be creating a dining area which is very pleasing on the eye due to minimal colours. In areas used most in our homes, such as the kitchen and living areas, it is important to use harmonious colours to help relax and unwind. Save the bold shades for hallways and less used rooms, like an occasional Dining Room!
  • Coloured Dining Chairs are a great way to add interest and atmosphere into a kitchen or dining room. Stick to one colour which compliments the room, or play around with colour combinations for a fun, mix and match dining table!
  • Be sure to balance out the cool feeling of blue with a bit of warmth. This can be achieved by your home furnishings such as rugs, cushion. By choosing a chair with a wooden base, such as our Finn Dining Chair, this will bring extra warmth too.
  • If you want a really bold look, go for a deep blue feature wall such as Little Greene’s ‘Wode 251’. This rich blue is really on trend and looks great on one wall or on every wall!
  • If you really want to shake things up, try adding a different colour into your scheme. Blues work great with oranges as they are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, which are called complimentary colours. Typically complimentary colours create a very visually stimulating colour combination. Maybe play around with the saturation and amount of each colour? That way you can create very different looks which are pleasing to the eye!

To conclude, we have 3 different look using the same colour pallet and dining table. Let us know what colour combinations you have gone for, and if you have any other colour questions- just ask! We love to see your pictures so make sure you tag us with @Danetti_com and use #Danetti on Instagram!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next in our Colour series…

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