Choosing the Right Height Kitchen Bar Stool

Whilst you are choosing the right design and style, choosing the right height of your kitchen bar stool is essential. Whether it be for home or commercial use, it is important to purchase a kitchen stool that can fit comfortably under your kitchen counter or bar.

Here is our Danetti guide to choosing the right counter height bar stool

Firstly measure your table, counter or bar from the floor to the base of the surface. Once you have this measurement, we advise that your kitchen stool needs to be 250-300mm (10-12 Inches) from the base of the surface to the top of the bar stool seat. This ensures there is enough space between the surface and the kitchen bar stool itself.

If you want to buy a kitchen bar stool that will meet most height specifications, consider opting for a gas lift kitchen stool as this will have a variable height due to the gas lift mechanism. The gas lift bar stools have another benefit which is a swivel action making it easier to get on and off the kitchen bar stool.

Kitchen Counter Height Stools

3 Trinny Champagne Velvet Bar Stools

If you are looking for a stool to fit under a standard kitchen counter height, we would advise you to purchase a stool that is between 610-670mm (24 to 26 Inches) high, in order to fit under the 890-910mm (35 to 36 Inches) counter table. You can shop the Trinny here.

Bar Height Stools

Kiki Light Grey Leather Gas Lift Bar Stools

If you are looking for a bar stool to fit under a bar height, we would advise you purchase a bar stool that has a seat height between 710-760mm (28 to 30 Inches) to fit under the 1010-1060mm (40 to 42 Inches) bar table height. Find the Kiki here.

High Bar Height

Harper Dark Grey Velvet Gas Lift Bar Stool

If you are looking for a bar stool to fit under a high bar, we would advise you to purchase a bar stool that is 810-860mm (32-34 Inches) to fit under the 1140-1220mm (45 to 48 Inches) bar table height. We recommend the Harper which you can shop here.

Spacing your kitchen bar stools

Once you have the correct height kitchen bar stool, you now need to decide how many bar stools can fit comfortably in the space you have selected. You need to make sure there is enough room between each kitchen bar stool so that people can sit around the counter or bar and not feel overcrowded. We suggest that for a bar stool of 400-460mm (16-18 Inches) wide, you allow 530-560mm (21-22 Inches) of space and for a bar stool that is 480-560mm (19-22 Inches) wide, allow 610-630mm (24-25 Inches) of space between each stool.

More Information

If you would like more information on the kitchen bar stools that we sell and the bar stool heights please take a look at our kitchen bar stools page, the green box on the left hand side should enable you to search for kitchen bar stools that fall under a specific height category.

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