Build the look – making the most of Marble

Build the look – making the most of Marble

Marble is a must-have material when it comes to on-trend styling. Although it has a reputation for being expensive, you can still get the classically modern look without the hefty price tag. The great thing about decorating with marble is its versatility – it supports bright colours and shiny textures such as steel, silver or brass, and that’s something that other colours cannot offer which makes it such a timeless staple.

Here are some of our top styling tips on making the most of your marble furniture and how you can build the look, no matter where it is in the house.


Juliet Marble Coffee Table

Revamping Your Living Room For Less

A new coffee table is an instant way to get a relatively inexpensive update for a room if you are wanting to add something new to your space. Coffee tables may feel like a last addition to a room but are a focal point when stepping into a living space, and with our Juliet Marble Coffee Table, you can make a centre point statement.

The golden finish of brass works well with a material like marble and what better way to combine the two than in a coffee table. The Juliet is a great example of this marriage of materials as the combination of the white marble with a contrasting brushed brass base makes for a stylish partnership. If you bought the Juliet and added one or two brass accessories, you would have an instant update.

Another major selling point of marble is the exclusivity of it. No piece of marble is the same as the next due to it being a natural material, which means it comes in a whole range of colours with all kinds of markings and veinings.  The Juliet Marble Coffee Table will vary between each item meaning you will get a truly unique piece of furniture.


Casa Black Marble and Brass Table Lamp

Bringing Glamour To Your Bedroom

If you are wanting to find a simple and cost-effective way of adding glamour to your bedroom, you can do so by simply changing up your accessories, and this is a great way of bringing in marble. If you are not ready for the fully marble effect, adding marble accessories can make a subtle statement.

Marble can seem cold to some, but if you team it with something bold like brass, or earthy like wood, it can create a warm and homely feel. Take the Casa Black Marble and Brass Table Lamp – brass is such a warm, tactile finish and this, combined with the black marble base, gives this lamp a dark luxe look. Different tones of grains run through marble and you can accent them by picking out silvery or brassy tones. The brass structure of the Casa lamp beautifully highlights the intricate detailing and veining in the marble base.

If you do not want to change your accessories, there are small furnishing adjustments you can make to your bedroom to elevate the level of glam such as new side tables. Side tables serve as both functional and fashionable in that they are perfect for placing night-time necessities, but also help to anchor the bed so it does not look ‘placed’ in the room. This is another perfect way to incorporate marble into your design as no matter how you arrange it with lamps, candles, or flowers, the marble will add charm and glamour to the styling of the room. With the Layla White Marble and Chrome Side Table, the marble top side of the table mixes modern finishes such as glass, chrome and real marble, to create a beautiful blend that effortlessly coordinates with a range of interiors.


Layla White Marble and Chrome Side Table

Marble can have a historical feel because it has been so widely used for decades, yet, it has evolved with trends as it works with many colours and textures.  It is a classic, so it is worth spending out on as an investment piece of furniture because it is something that will never date in terms of style. When creating the Layla side table, our designers wanted to add an extra little something, a touch of luxury that you would expect in the bedroom, and that is why we chose to use real marble. Unlike imitation marble, real marble is sturdy, heavy and each piece varies slightly, so you know you are getting a truly unique marble top side table.


Rey Black Marble Arc Floor Lamp

Adding Comfort and Class To Your Cosy Corner

Whether your corner is for curling up with a good book or getting cosy with a mug of cocoa, there is no reason why you cannot add a touch of sophistication to your retreat space. You can do so by adding a luxurious throw and a new lamp in contrasting tones. This is one way that you could bring marble into your decor as it comes in a variety of shades and choosing a dark marble can really add depth and make a bold style statement within a space.

The rich, deeper coloured marbles are a luxurious and dramatic look and what better way to enhance a space than with feature lighting. The Rey Black Marble Arc Floor Lamp has a black marble base with a powder coated frame and dark grey fabric shade. The black marble base is premium, weighty, and substantial, rather than just being a marble effect. This keeps the light well grounded, stable, and supported, and that is one of the great things about marble as it has the same tactile natural quality as wood, but is a really durable alternative that looks a bit more modern.


Our Style Summary:

  • Choose different shades of marble depending on what kind of statement you want to make.
  • It is worth investing in as it is a timeless classic with exclusive detailing.
  • It can be styled well with all kind of colours and materials, particularly brass.
  • Bring out the detailing in the marble veining by selecting a certain colour.


Finally, when it comes to maintaining your marble items, remember that marble is a natural product and is porous. For this reason, we recommend you use coasters when putting drinks on tables. To clean your marble surfaces, use warm, soapy water. Avoid cleaning products with acidic ingredients, including bleach, lemon juice and vinegar.


Date Published: August 2020 

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