Bring Nature into Your Home with Wooden Furniture

As the weather warms up and we throw open our windows and back doors, it seems a shame to keep our living space and the outdoors totally separate. Although the dream nowadays is to have one open plan living space. Imagine doors that open so much, it feels like the inside and outside is one.

Palermo Garden Corner Sofa

However, not all of us have the funds, or the space to achieve such a thing right now, so instead, let’s look at how we can bring the outdoors, in. Simply done by introducing wooden furniture into your home.

Why Choose Wooden Furniture?

By introducing some natural wood furniture into your home, you’ll feel like you have a little piece of the outdoors around you at all times. The warm colour of the wood adds a sense of depth and homeliness, whilst the grain adds texture.

Assi Walnut Sideboard

If you currently have a crisp, clean, minimal home, the addition of wooden furniture can go a long way to bring back the cosiness. You don’t want to feel like you’re living in a hospital! On the other hand, if you already use natural wood in your interiors, you can always add more! Just follow these simple steps to keep balance and harmony:

  • Stick to One Type of Wood- Oak is a classic in interiors as it’s hardwearing and just the right shade- not too dark or too light. However, if you start introducing a Walnut, then an Ash and maybe even a Wenge, you’ve got far too much going on. Less is more when it comes to furnishing with wooden furniture. So choose your favourite type and stick with it.

 Luka Dining Table and Chairs

  • Mix and Match Textures- Wood itself brings a lot of texture and warmth to a room, however, playing around with contrasting textures creates a really chic look. Balance a high shine gloss, brushed brass and unfinished wood for a soft yet striking interior. The mixture of hard and soft finishes makes for a beautiful juxtaposition. Just avoid mixing and matching wood finishes!
  • Balance Wood with Accessories – If you have a minimal home but choose a wooden barstool, think about adding a couple of extra wood textures throughout the space. A wooden picture frame and perhaps a nice wooden fruit bowl will balance the colour and cause your eyes to take in the entire room. Alternatively, If you have a wooden kitchen, add a wooden dining table with brightly coloured chairs to avoid too much coordination, and to create a fun vibe.

Bringing the Outdoors, In

If you want to great more of an “outdoors, in” feel with wooden furniture, think about an untreated wood. The natural look and feel of untreated wood looks great and will wear with use, creating a wonderful patina effect. 

Our Oak barstools are treated with a light oil, which over time will wear down slightly. Give them a little sand down and re-oil to keep them looking as new. Otherwise, allow them to age naturally. Who knows, you may even have a new family heirloom you can pass down the generations!

To really bring the outdoors feel to your home, there is some simple and cost-effective trick you can try.:

  • House Plants – the more greenery, the better!
  • Colourful Prints – Add some nature prints to your walls of rivers or forests or palm trees for that garden vibe.
  • Add Colourful Accessories – Our gardens are full of colour, so why not bring this back through the house? Add bright vases and textiles to give that balmy evening vibe.




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