Bright bar stools make for a cool, contemporary look

First impressions count for a lot when you’re in the hospitality business.


If you’re working hard to get customers in through the doors you don’t want them turning around and walking back out again as soon as they arrive.

So what’s the best way to make sure your bar, restaurant or cafe seems up-market, cool and contemporary?

We think funky bar stools can help a lot. In on-trend bright colours and with modern, designer shapes, bar stools can help to position your establishment where you want it to be.

Roma brightly coloured backed bar stool

If you’ve still got furniture that you bought in the ’90s, or even just eight or 10 years ago then it’s probably looking horribly tired and dated by now – even though you may not be able to see it yourself.

Often the things that will make customers stay, and return, and even tell other people about how great your business is are subtle things that are hard to put your finger on.

Certainly fresh, on-trend decor can really help you to beat your competitors.

We’ve noticed a trend in cafes and bars recently for mismatching bar stools and we think it looks great.

You could consider using materials such as reclaimed wood and metal for tables and counter tops, and then brightening the place with pops of brightly coloured bar stools will make your premises look like it’s straight out of an interiors magazine.

You can also have bar stools in a bright plastic, and then choose chairs in the same range either in complimentary or contrasting colours.

If you’re buying bar stools from Danetti to furnish your commercial space then we’d love to see the end result. Email us a picture:

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