Big Ideas for Small Spaces!

Elise Bar Stools

We often hear that “small is beautiful” but this may be difficult to appreciate when you are trying to live in and furnish a small space such as a small flat or studio apartment.  Once you have decided how you wish to use the space available and what areas will inevitably be multifunctional, here are some of our tips to help you furnish a small area successfully.

Dining Area

Elise Bar Stools

Elise Bar Stool £79.00

Instead of having a dining table and chairs, how about using a kitchen work surface as a breakfast bar with some modern comfy bar stools?  The bar stools can easily be tucked under the kitchen counter to keep them out of the way when not in use.  We also have stackable stools such as the Sky Plastic Bar Stool, the Silvi Bar Stool and the Rubix Plastic Stool to help save even more space!

Naro and Tori 2 Seater Dining Set

Naro and Tori 2 Seater Dining Set £269.00

A cafe table teamed up with stackable chairs is also another brilliant space saving idea.  The modern small round Naro Cafe glass table is ideal for a small space as the glass and chrome finishes reflect light to give a spacious feel.  We have funky stackable chairs such as the Tori, the Fern, the Argenta and the Regal which all look fantastic with a cafe table and can save space when stacked.


Living Area

Aria Glass and White Oak Shelving Unit

Aria Glass and White Oak Shelving Unit £599.00


If you have an open plan living area but want to separate it into various zones, the Aria Glass and White Oak Shelving Unit or Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Shelving Unit could be just the job.  This versatile shelving unit can be used traditionally against the wall or as a two sided room divider.

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