Bar stools are perfect for our busy homes

Here at Danetti, we like to get to know our customers. We chat to them about their interior design schemes and try to get a feel for how their use their living space.What they tell us time after time is that space is really precious in their homes. For many of them, one main room has to work as kitchen, sitting room, dining room and play room. They often don’t want enormous furniture taking up their valuable floor space. And our customers also want the flexibility of having items of furniture that can be brought out when they have friends and family over, but then neatly stacked away when they’ve gone.

Something we specialise in at Danetti, and which we often recommend to our customers, is bar stools. Forget any notion you have of bar stools being uncomfortable and unstable. The ones we stock often come with four solid legs, arm rests and foot rests, and some of them have backs to make them just as comfy as dining chairs. And you’ll be able to find one that looks great, because many of our bar stools are available in several colours – sometimes you can even customise the legs and arms so you get just what you want.

Bar stools work as occasional seating for guests, for tucking under a breakfast bar in you kitchen-diner, for positioning around a small high-rise dining table, and even just for adding a few seats to your current kitchen area. That’s the flexibility our customers wanted. We aim to please!

Take a look at the newest additions to our bar-stool range and see if there’s one you would like in your home … Danetti bar stools

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