Zen and Form 6 Seater Glass and Grey Gloss Dining Set

We often think of the living room as a place to sit back and relax when at home, but why shouldn't we be just as comfortable when we sit down to dinner? With the Zen and Form 6 Seater Glass and Grey Gloss Dining Set, comfort really is at a premium due to the Form's padded seat and smooth covering, alongside the Zen table's clean and spacious design. Part of our range of exclusive designs, this set will instantly give you and your family a truly stylish space in your home to sit down, get comfy and enjoy the tasty food that's just been served! What You Need To Know:
  • Please note, the Form armchair is not included in this set price and is shown for styling purposes only. If you'd like to have the armchair, you'll need to add this separately.
  • You'll feel fully supported sat in the Form dining chair due to the denser foam padding used for both the seat and back. This really delivers on comfort and recovery as it almost moulds to your shape, bouncing back when the seat is vacated to keep its smooth shape for longer.
  • The cantilever base of the Form chair is made from a shaped steel rod which has then been reinforced with a solid metal inner thread. This clever engineering keeps the chair as light as it can be, making it easy to move while still adding that extra layer of frame support when you are seated.
  • Upholstered in smooth faux leather, the Form chairs are wipeable, durable and even in tone. Faux leather is also a great alternative to real leather if you are working within a budget but don't want to compromise on style.
  • The cantilever base of the Form chairs is a great pairing with the spacious leg design and clear glass top of the Zen, as the whole set looks open, spacious and very inviting. It's the perfect setting for bringing everyone together for mealtimes.
  • Measuring at 75cm in height, 80cm in width and 160cm in length, The Zen dining table can easily seat 6 guests. The design of the table, however, means that you can either have three guests sat along each side, or you can have two on the sides and one at the ends, making the Zen table incredibly versatile.
  • Tempered glass is used for the rectangular table top. The glass itself is really reflective which is perfect for bringing a visual lightness to your space. Its transparency creates the illusion and feeling of more space, allowing you to not only show off the stylish shape of the Form chairs, but also to really maximise the space you have available.
  • Tempered glass is incredibly strong, durable and so easy to maintain. Many people have preconceptions that glass is fragile, however, you needn't worry about having glass around your family or young children as tempered glass is one of the strongest surface materials you can get for the home, making it very safe.
  • The legs of the Zen table are an upside down V shape with a cross bar at the top, rather than the legs just poking out from the glass table top. By adding the underframe, the Zen dining table not only looks great, but there is also an extra layer of support and stability.
Modern in looks with sociable dining at its heart, the Zen and Form 6 Seater Glass and Grey Gloss Dining Set combines style, comfort and practicality to produce a quality dining setting for your home. The Form Dining Armchairs are also a great pairing with this set, either as one chair at each end or placed around the whole of the Zen dining table.


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