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Z DROPPED - Palermo Ocean Right Hand Corner Outdoor Dining Bench

Make your garden an extension of your indoors living room, with the Palermo Ocean Right Hand Corner Bench. Part of our exclusive outdoor range, this contemporary garden bench provides the perfect level of comfort needed for friends and family to enjoy those long hot days and warm summer evenings. The combination of well-padded, showerproof cushions and a sleek and modern teal coloured frame creates an outdoor seating space that's perfect for relaxing and dining. What You Need To Know:
  • The foam and fibre cushion fillings are the same foam density that we use for our interior seating but with an added layer of fibre. This creates a softly wrapped look and guarantees the same comfort levels you would expect inside. The combination of the seat and seat back cushions give this corner bench a sofa-esque cosy feel with a level comfort you'd expect to find indoors.
  • The seat cushions for this right-hand bench have an anti-slip mat on the underside. This keeps the cushions securely in place when seated but means they can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning and storage.
  • The melange fabric used for this outdoor corner bench is made up of detailed flecks of colour rather than being one solid block. This not only looks like a designer, expensive finish, but it also helps to hide marks on the surface.
  • The showerproof coating on the seat cushions means that light rain or moisture will not be absorbed into the material, so you won't have to take the cushions in every time there's a light shower. This also makes the cushions easy to clean and maintain as any spills can easily be wiped off.
  • To help prevent the colour from fading in the sunlight, we've also added an anti-UV coating on the cushion surface. Most fabrics will fade slightly when exposed to direct sources of heat and light, however, this treatment drastically slows fading. The anti-UV coating is a premium feature, so you know you are investing in a great quality and durable piece of garden furniture.
  • The polywood tables at either end of this garden bench have the look of wood but won't warp or discolour like traditional timber. They're an ideal space for drinks, magazines and other knick knacks when relaxing in the sun.
  • The side tables can be transformed into two extra seating spaces with the cushions provided, perfect for popping your feet up and taking a siesta, or when unplanned guests arrive. This modular feature makes this bench incredibly versatile and changeable to suit your seating needs.
  • The right-hand bench frame is made from an aluminium tube. This makes the bench lightweight and therefore easy to move and store, yet remains incredibly sturdy and durable. Aluminium is naturally non-rusting and weatherproof, making this bench suitable for outdoor use.
The Palermo Ocean Corner Bench can be seamlessly matched with other pieces of garden furniture to create a coordinated and designer look. Check out the Palermo Ocean Coffee Table and Palermo 3 Seater Bench. Or for a pop of colour team the Alma, Skye or Lola garden chairs with the Palermo Corner Bench.
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