Mia Ceramic Marble And Ophelia Dining Bench Set

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This modern dining table and bench set is the epitome of everyday luxury. The Mia table has a sleek and smooth ceramic marble surface which coordinates beautifully with the grey velvet Ophelia benches.

Product code: SET_4082

The Danetti Difference

Every element considered.

01. How Many Seats?

This chic ceramic table and bench set includes the Mia Ceramic Marble 6 Seater Dining Table and Ophelia 3 seater benches with and without backrest, so you can comfortably seat 6 people, and when entertaining pop a couple of the Form cantilever dining chairs either end to make it an 8 seater set.

02. From Oven, Straight To Table

For this ceramic table and bench set we've included the Mia dining table which has a ceramic surface, is backed onto tempered glass. The ceramic material is resistant up to 200°C heat, scratch resistant and really hard-wearing, which is ideal for everyday use.

03. A Great Choice

While it can be stunning, one of the limitations of a real marble table, other than the price, is that it's porous. That's why the marble backed ceramic finish of this table is a great choice as it is completely non-porous, meaning you get the luxurious look and feel of a marble table but with increased durability and at a better price.

04. Plenty Of Room

The pedestal legs of the Mia give plenty of space for diners to move around as you won't be restricted to legs in the corners. This makes the Mia white ceramic table the perfect match for the Ophelia velvet dining benches as everyone gets the the optimum leg space.

05. A Beautiful Combination

The pedestal legs of the Mia table have a matt white finish, and sit upon a stainless steel base. The combination of white and stainless steel finishes coordinate beautifully with the marble surface. The Ophelia bench legs are available in brushed stainless steel or chrome to coordinate with the Mia table.

06. Contemporary Shape

The leg design of the benches in this grey velvet dining bench set have a seamless, looped shape. The open style of the leg frame keeps the base of the Ophelia benches looking spacious while the metal finish gently reflect the light, adding a bright and fresh feel to your dining space.

07. Sit Comfortably

The seat construction of the Ophelia grey velvet dining benches is made up of multiple layers of high-density foam and fibre. This is to make the dining bench recover beautifully when vacated while also being as comfortable as possible when seated.

08. Subtle Sheen

The velvet upholstery is made from a 100% polyester short pile velvet. This cut of velvet has a light sheen that subtly reflects light, rather than looking shiny. Velvet is far easier than you might think to style in your space because it's not overly bright, dark, or a strong accent. Just a rich, tactile fabric.

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