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Z DROPPED - Fresco White 6 Seater Trestle Garden Dining Table

Revitalise your garden with the Fresco White 6 Seater Trestle Table. This designer dining table is a modern twist on a simple classic, taking inspiration from the most elegant of interior styles. This is so you can really treat your outdoor space as an extension of your home, enjoying breakfast during those sunny mornings and watching the sunset each summer evening. What You Need To Know:
  • The Fresco garden table is a great match with both garden chairs and outdoor benches. This is because the angle of the table legs provide more room than if they were positioned right at the four corners. Designed to seat 6, this trestle style table gives you the option to fit a couple more around the table. This is a common feature in outdoor dining spaces as they tend to be more relaxed, informal settings.
  • The white tempered glass top is securely fixed to the frame with anti-slip suction pads. 6mm thick, the etched frosted glass has a hazy and soft appearance, helping to keep your garden looking crisp, light and fresh. A frosted glass surface isn't overly reflective which means you won't get too much glare reflection from the sun.
  • The molded chamfered edge of the Fresco table is a subtle yet premium detail that adds to the overall design. It's this attention to detail that gives the Fresco table its designer looks.
  • The frame of the Fresco garden table is made from powder coated aluminium. The material qualities of aluminium make it inherently anti-rust, while the white powder coat creates an effortlessly modern and matt looking finish. This means you needn't worry about your garden table during those summer showers as it's easy to clean and fit for outdoor use.
  • The aluminium tube frame keeps this garden table lightweight and therefore easy to move and store. This is a great feature as you can quickly rework your garden space and then store the table away during the winter months.
  • We've all experienced sitting at a table with that annoying wobble. Thankfully, this won't be an issue with the Fresco! That's because the table actually has adjustable floor protectors. This will not only protect your patio or decking but means you can adjust the protectors to accommodate an uneven floor, which is often the case outdoors.
If you're after a darker look, we also have the Fresco Grey 6 Seater Trestle Garden Dining Table available. There are a whole variety of dining bench and chair combinations that would look effortlessly sleek with the Fresco table, so be sure to look at the whole of our exclusive garden range.
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