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Fiesta Dome Teal and Brass Pendant Light

Create focus in your room with the Fiesta Dome Teal and Brass Pendant Light. This modern pendant will add a pop of colour to your room while also giving it a stylish focal point and lighting with a soft, warm glow. What You Need To Know:
  • Please note, the bulb for the Fiesta lamp is not included. You'll need to look out for a bulb with a maximum of 40 watts.
  • Because the Fiesta is a pendant light, it'll need to be hardwired into your home with a switch on the wall. The cable length can be cut (by a professional!) to the height you require, meaning you can adjust the Fiesta to suit your space.
  • The bigger shape and size of this dome pendant light makes it perfect for creating a statement focal point in your room. As the dome is larger, this light is best suited to single-use rather than cluster lighting, unless you have a larger room to light.
  • The teal colourway of the Fiesta dome light is a much more accessible way to add a statement pop of contemporary colour to your space, without it looking overpowering.
  • The brass detailing on ceiling rose gives this light a flash of modern finishes that can easily be coordinated with the rest of your room. It's a subtle feature that gives this light even more of a designer and contemporary look.
The Fiesta dome light is also available in grey and brass or as a smaller pendant if you're looking to coordinate the lighting throughout your space.


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