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The New Normal?

Working from home, comfortably of course.

Adapting to a home office has suddenly become a way of life for much of the world. Consequently, it’s become ever more important for your work from home space to be as comfortable, tranquil and productivity-friendly as possible. At Danetti, working from home has never looked so stylish. From modern leather office chairs to durable, designer desks - your office space can become a trendy place to be, right from your own home.

I never thought I'd find such a comfortable desk chair for my home office but Danetti truly delivered!

Aaron M, London

Why A Danetti Home Office?

Choosing the right office chair and desk for you, with the Danetti difference

Quality Faux Leather

Choose an office chair that is upholstered in our hard-wearing, deep grain faux leather. We use a premium quality material that mimics the supple feel of real leather. It's a durable material that will stand up to regular cleaning. Easy to maintain, it's an ideal material choice.

Plush Velvets

Our elegant and beautiful short-pile velvets are made from-quality 100% polyester. Soft and durable, our plush velvets bring a delightful modern feel to any home office setting. It has high abrasion resistance and will not bobble, maintaining its beauty.

Versatile Designs

Our designs have been carefully considered to give you a really practical piece of living room furniture, as a desk alternative. Our tall side tables can be used as a laptop surface - slide it over the seat of your sofa to work in a more relaxed set-up.

Storage Solutions

Choose a modern desk that has one drawer, running the full width of the desk. Having one wide drawer is very handy as it's that bit easier to store various bits and pieces, keeping your desk space free and tidy.

Find The Perfect Office Chair

Whether it's velvet or faux leather, find the perfect seat for work

Office Chair of the Moment

Introducing the Foster Tan Faux Leather...

Working from home just got a whole lot more stylish with the Foster office chair. Pairing long-lasting faux leather with a statement curved back, days at the home office will bring plenty of corporate-style comfort. The wheels at the base also allow convenient free movement around the workspace every day and we have installed a safety brake so the chair stays fixed on wooden floors when you are not seated.
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Time To Decide On A Desk

Browse our selection of desks - perfectly designed for home office convenience

Desk of the Moment

Introducing the Cohen Dark Oak And Glass...

This designer looking desk is perfect for creating a handy yet stylish study space for your home. Its streamlined shape means it won't take up too much space, while its clever sizing means there's enough room for all your papers, books, stationery, whatever it may be.
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Position your work from home space to face a window. The sounds and sights of the outside world provide some nice background noise and visuals.

Danetti Interior Design Top Tip #1

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Keep it minimal - a cluttered work space can clutter your mind. Make sure every item on your desk has a functional purpose.

Danetti Interior Design Top Tip #2

Light Up Your Space

Add the final touch to your office look

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Add the finishing touch to your office with our range of table and floor lamps