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Commonly associated with being a workspace, a desk is such a staple piece of furniture for your home office or study area. Although the style and design of a desk makes it very fit for a working environment, its usage doesn’t just stop there! When selecting and designing our range of modern desks we went a bit further than just creating a workspace, as we really saw the multipurpose potential. The selection of shapes, sizes, designs and material finishes makes our range of desks perfect for a variety of uses in your home. Have you ever considered placing a desk in your hallway as a console table? or as a dressing table in your bedroom? How about a creating your own home office, with a table that is practically sized if you are short on space? The potential of a desk really goes beyond just being a place to sit and do work!

Good To Know: Much like a console table, a desk can also be used as a display area. Wherever you choose to place a desk in your home, it will provide a handy extra surface for you to place, style and decorate with a variety of miscellaneous items or ornamental pieces. The added benefit of having a desk is that you can also sit at it, so you’ve got another surface to do work, relax or even sit to have a quick bite to eat.

Stylists Tip: How you style your desk really depends on where you want to place it in your home. If you're planning on putting it in your hallway, why not style it with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and handy note pad and pen as welcoming entrance to your home. If it’s going in your bedroom, you may want to use it as a vanity table with your mirror and cosmetics, or as your own private work station; a place to get away from the household noise and do some work! If you are wanting to use one of our desks in your home office, there’s plenty of room for placing your laptop or computer, with handy storage spaces for books, note pads and pens. Believe it or not, a desk is a great styling solution for your living area too, again providing a storage place that you can both sit at and style to your hearts content!

Table or Desk?… The word "desk" comes from word desca, Latin for “table to write on”, which makes perfect sense when you think of what you use a desk for! It may not always look like it, but there are distinct differences between a ‘desk’ and an ordinary ‘table’. Desks usually have more storage space as they are traditionally used for working, whereas tables come in a much wider variety of shapes or sizes, with lots more versatility when it comes to seating arrangements. If you are looking for a workstation, display area or small table surface for you home, the best option for you will be a desk! Read More...