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A dining bench set will instantly create a neat a uniform look in any dining interior, not to mention bringing plenty of comfort. A bench with a back will offer plenty support when seated, while a backless bench will instantly open up the look and feel in your dining room. If you’re looking to create a cosy dining corner, a corner seat might just be the seating solution you’ve been searching for. We have a whole variety of bench sets that have been designed with real homes in mind. We’ve done the edit so the materials, colours and sizes will look right at home in a variety of interiors.

Thankfully, dining benches have come a long way from the hard, wooden seating you had to sit on at school! Becoming increasingly popular and practical for home dining rooms and interiors, a cosy bench set might just be what you’re room needs to bring everyone together. What’s great about choosing a preselected dining bench set is that the styling and pairing have already been done for you. This way, you know you’re choosing a set that has been meticulously matched for both style and comfort.

What Bench Do I Need?

  • A bench with back will offer plenty of comfort and support when seated. A backrest will also allow you to create a statement yet uniform look around your dining table.
  • A backless bench will keep the area around your dining table looking more open and spacious, as a backless seat has less of a visual impact in a space. It’s is also that little bit lighter and easier to manoeuvre.
  • A Corner Bench set is ideal when you’ve got lots of people to seat. It’s also a perfect fit for turning a previously unused or difficult to style space into a cosy dining corner. If you choose a corner piece, it’s important to consider your sizing to make sure you have enough space to fit around the table legs and sit comfortably.

Our corner seating is available in both Left and Right handed options:
Left-Hand Corner = Longer side is on the left
Right-Hand Corner= Longer side is on the right

With this in mind, make sure to check the layout and sizing of your dining set to suit your dining space. We’ve written a handy sizing and style guide, so if you’re looking at buying a dining bench set but are unsure of what would be the right fit, take a look at our Lifestyle Blog.

What Bench and Table Set Should I Choose?

A Full-Length Bench is great for maximising the seats around your table. It works especially well paired alongside a table with a pedestal base, as you can tuck the seat neatly underneath without losing any seating space. This is because you’re not restricted by any table legs. That’s not to say you can’t have a full-length seat alongside a table with legs though, just consider how you will be able to sit at the table if the legs are in the way.

A Tucked in Bench will not only save space but will also create a neat and compact look. To be able to tuck your bench underneath a table with legs, it will need to fit the ‘inside leg’ table measurement rather than the length of the tabletop. It’s best to have 5cm clearance to avoid bumping into the table legs each time the seat is pulled in and out.

Top Tip: Whether you choose a seat that is full length or can be tucked in, it’s best to leave enough space so that when you’re sitting at the table, the front of the bench is in line with the front of the table. This applies to corner pieces as well, as it will give you the optimum comfort when seated.