Curva Collection

If you are looking for something ultimately elegant then look no further than our glamorous Curva collection. Danetti's Curva tables and chairs are very distinctive owing to their rounded shape and it is this very design which makes them an eye catching addition and perfectly suited to a modern and contemporary styled rooms. We offer Curva furniture crafted from either solid wood or tempered glass. Our Curva chairs blend beautifully with the tables and there is a selection of colour choices to suit your needs.

If you are looking for something really special, it could be that the Curva collection is just what you are looking for. Its stunning shape is the first thing you notice, the gentle curves are a soft detail that give the designs elegance and a contemporary, luxurious edge. The tables are extendable and glide effortlessly from a smaller four seater dining table to a larger six seater. The table has a pedestal base which means more leg room for your family and friends, a round or oval table is also a bit more intimate sometimes than your average, rectangular equivalent. The chairs are the ultimate in a stylish design with deep curved backs and striking steel tapered legs, there is something very contemporary about the Curva collection but equally it looks good in a more traditional setting too. If you want to co-ordinate your kitchen dining area then you'll be pleased to know that we also have a matching Curva bar stool available in white, cool grey and black.