Give your bedroom a new look for less

Give your bedroom a new look for less

When it comes to enhancing rooms in your home, the bedroom can always seem like an afterthought. Perhaps because it is not the first room that is stepped into when you have guests over, but it is equally as important to invest in because it is the place you go to when you need to relax and retreat.

There are so many ways you can turn your bedroom into a sleeping haven without the big price tag. By simply moving things around, investing in a couple of new pieces or changing accessories, you can create a whole new look and feel without too much time or money spent.

Here are some of our top tips on how you can give your bedroom a makeover for less:

Mix colours together

There are three ways of playing around with colours in your bedroom – stick with one, keep it neutral with a pop of colour, or make a bold statement.

If your bedroom follows one colour scheme, find another shade or two that works well with it and add pieces in to create a dreamy pastel vibe or a fun and vibrant space.

If your bedroom follows a more neutral colour scheme such as greys and silvers, mixing in a blush pink through extra cushions, lampshades or even a centrepiece above the bed can create a cosy and homely feel.

If you want to make more of a bold statement against lighter neutral shades, accenting with peacock blue, ocean teals and mustard yellows can really add just the right amount of ‘cheeriness’ to a calming space.

Add a mirror

Mirrors can make any room look bigger because they reflect and accent the light – whether that is natural light during the day or even artificial light at night. If your room is on the smaller side, simply hang one on the wall or angle one in a space to give the illusion of depth. Mirrors can also act as an imitation window if you pick a style that is framed or go for a design that looks like a windowpane, this will help to enhance the illusion of space.
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  • Play with textures and patterns

You can add visual interest to your bedroom by mixing in different textures and patterns through accessories and bedding. The focal point of a bedroom is of course the bed, so switching up your duvet, throw, or cushions can be such a simple change that makes a huge difference.

Here is a stylist tip for you – white bedding is the perfect backdrop for your bedroom décor. It will go with whatever cushions you have and any other shades or textures you want to incorporate, providing the perfect neutral and blank canvas to start with.

If you have not thought about accessorising your bed before, throwing on a printed pillow or blanket can transform the room. In the winter, adding a big cosy wool blanket or fluffy throw to your bed can not only keep you warm, but looks very cosy and inviting for those frosty nights!

You cannot beat rolling out of bed and stepping onto a luxuriously soft and warm rug, and this is another fun way to play with textures and pull the look and feel of the room together.

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  • Bring in your personality

Add a bit of you to your bedroom through accessories on the walls, side tables and dressers. If your walls are blank, hanging up artwork can make a style statement and add interest to the space.

Photographs are a great way of adding something personal to the room and investing in new frames can add life. You can even get creative by displaying them in all sorts of formats – string and pegs, fairy lights and ropes and beams are quirky ways of showcasing your memories and can also become a family fun DIY project. See Pinterest for some inspiration on how to do this!

You can also use your photos or prints to ‘frame’ your bed which adds to the comfort and cohesiveness of the space.

If you have any collectibles such as figures, or you have vases and candles, you can group these items on your dresser to create points of interest. It is best to group in threes and vary the heights to frame the space. A vase full of flowers on a side table would look bright and fresh.

To summarise – our top tips:

  1. Do not be afraid to play around with patterns or textures

  2. Updating your bedding, adding cushions, or buying a rug are simple ways of enhancing the room

  3. Mixing colours is such a simple way to bring a space to life

  4. If you have a small bedroom, simply adding a mirror can create the illusion of more space

  5. Add personality through art, photographs, and décor accessories


Publish Date: September 2020 

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