White High Gloss Furniture Trends Continue

White high gloss furniture trends in kitchens and bathrooms have long been apparent in home and lifestyle magazines with clean, contemporary and minimalist homes remaining in vogue.

Glossy white reflective surfaces in kitchens, tables, coffee tables and sideboards create the impression of elegance and high quality, brightening up any room by reflecting light instead of absorbing it.  High gloss white furniture adds freshness and airiness, as well as the illusion of space to a room, but in order to keep things from looking stark it needs to be accented and complemented with textures and maybe a splash of colour.

We’ve found that a bold contrast colour of red, blue or yellow is a popular choice, but you can’t beat the classic black and white pairing.  For a softer look, neutral colours such as green, brown, beige or grey could be used, whilst pastels go well with white for a softer and more feminine colour scheme.

At Danetti we have a whole range of modern white high gloss furniture ready transform your home.

The new Angola white gloss table, exclusive in the UK to Danetti,  has a brilliant white surface thanks to its high quality lacquer finish.  The glossy table top is perfectly complemented by the smooth, clean brushed steel legs and corners, and a range of contemporary faux leather chairs in black or white give a fabulous texture accent.  See our full range of fantastic value for money Angola Dining Sets.

The white high gloss Reeves range, consisting of coffee table, sideboard and tv table, would look perfect in a modern, contemporary living room, partnered with richly coloured rugs, sofas and cushions or contrasting with other pieces of black glossy or wooden furniture, such as the Santino range of cabinets.  White high gloss furniture is just so versatile – it can be mixed and matched with almost anything!

To add a splash of colour to a kitchen-diner, why not give the Fern table a try?  Available in two sizes, the versatile and funky Fern white gloss table looks fabulous with coloured plastic chairs such as the Emo or Podo; the colourful and streamlined Fern chairs; or translucent trendy chairs such as the Sporta or Coco A Frame chair.

However, If you prefer to keep everything white and bright we have a vast range of contemporary white chairs to choose from too.

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