Use bar stools and dining tables to create a cool kitchen-diner

The kitchen-diner has become common-place in modern British homes. Most of us like to have a large space where we can entertain guests around a large dining table or more informally on bar stools while we prepare food in the kitchen.

We had a chat with our fave interiors writer and stylist Rohini Wahi about the trend.

“Most homes I research these days have a kitchen diner,” she says, “they have become such an integral part of modern living – relaxed, fun and certainly more social.”

We agree with her. There’s something exciting and about entertaining in a kitchen-diner that you can’t achieve when the two spaces are separate.

There are a few things that you need to consider when decorating and buying furniture for your kitchen-diner, however.

First, what kind of look do you want to go for? Rohini says: “Emerging trends appear to be sleek and minimal in design but warming up the space are materials rooted in nature. Elements like reclaimed wood counter-tops are coupled with warming modern accessories in soft gold, brushed-metal pendant lights, or groups of vintage industrial lights hung over sleek marble counters.”

Mmm, we like the sound of that. Contemporary furniture mixed with elements from nature like real wood and marble.

Second, you need to consider the type of furniture to buy. In a kitchen-dining space it’s best to opt for a range of seating, so you can use the space in different ways. Ideally, you should go for a breakfast bar or drinks area with bar stools in the kitchen so people can sit and chat with you while you cook. You should also try to have a modern sofa and coffee table somewhere, so you can have a leisurely sit down and read a magazine while you’re waiting for your food to cook. Last but not least you need a large dining table with plenty of contemporary dining chairs so you can host dinner parties to remember.

Rohini says the way you style the space is all-important as well. “The key is to warm-up the once minimal diner reserved only for bachelor or city living, by mixing elements of modernity with tradition and choosing pieces that flow well in your colour scheme,” she says.

If you want to furnish a kitchen-diner in your home, but need a little inspiration and advice, have a chat to us here at Danetti. We’re happy to help.


Rohini Wahi has worked for publications including Real Homes, Living Etc, The Telegraph and trend prediction company WGSN.

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