The Danetti guide to buying a dining room table

Luca square dining table

Furniture and flooring is worth investing in. Pictured: Luca square dining table


When buying a dining room table, it’s not just how the item looks that matters. Firstly, says the founder and Managing Director of Danetti, Daniel Smith, you should consider the space you have available: “Make sure there is going to be room for your guests to pull their chairs out to sit down comfortably, and for people to walk around the table even when there are people sat down.”

Another thing to consider is stability: “If you’re going for a pedestal base, then look at cast iron if you want it to be really secure. For glass tables, you should look at the thickness of the glass – it should be at least 12mm for a large expanse. If you’re planning on putting the table on a slightly uneven surface like tiles or a patio, then adjustable legs can be very useful for making sure you end up with an even surface for eating from.”

Daniel also says that you can’t always tell the quality of a table just by looking at it: “With lacquered tables for example, you will find that better quality pieces will be scratch and chip resistant, which will mean it will last and last. At the point of purchase it may look the same as a cheaper version, but it won’t after a couple of years of use!”

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