Storage Solutions for a Modern Living Room

Finding storage solutions for your Living Room which are both useful and stylish can be a mind-boggling business.  The Living Room is the centre of the home and a room that usually needs to be very versatile – it can be a place for the children to play by day and a space to chill or entertain by evening.  Sometimes keeping on top of all the clutter that everyday living generates, as well as making your home entertainment items look tidy, can be a chore.

However, help is at hand with one of our ranges of modern white high gloss storage solutions –  the Reeves Sideboard, contemporary matching Reeves TV Table and trendy Reeves Coffee Table offer the perfect stylish storage solution.  This contemporary storage range comes in a modern white high gloss finish which is perfectly complemented by stylish nickel plated finishing touches.

Reeves White High Gloss Sideboard

The Reeves White High Gloss Sideboard is the perfect place to store away all those bits and pieces that clutter up your dining room or lounge.  It is a contemporary and modern piece of furniture with three cupboards and four drawers – perfect for storing crockery, cutlery, glassware and even toys!  The high white gloss finish brings light to your room and is finished off perfectly by subtle door handles and funky loop legs, in a cool brushed nickel finish.

Reeves TV Table

The Reeves TV Table is a modern, trendy piece of furniture, again in the ever-popular white high gloss finish.  It is a very contemporary and stylish design which sits atop funky brushed nickel plated loop legs.  There are two drawers for all those CDs, DVDs and remote controls, as well as a useful glass shelf in the middle.

Reeves Coffee Table

A modern, trendy coffee table which is unique in its design.  The white high gloss top folds back on itself to create a squashed loop effect and a continuous flowing shape which is pleasing to the eye.  The funky brushed nickel plated loop style legs are strong yet stylish, and sit between the two layers of the table top.

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