Interior Master Class: How to Style your Sideboard

Interior Master Class: How to Style your Sideboard

Create show stopping focal points in your home with our top Sideboard styling tips.


Have you ever looked through the pages of magazines and wondered how the stylists make furniture look so good – is there a secret science to creating that effortlessly stylish look? The answer is yes. With a little insider info direct from the Danetti Stylists, we’ll show you how it’s done. Creating a perfectly styled sideboard!


All White:

At first glance this looks like a really beautiful simple shot of a white sideboard, but it’s no accident how casually grouped it looks – it’s all planned! This arrangement is particularly interesting as it is styled up on one side.

So, how come it doesn’t look lopsided? It’s all to do with the careful balance of accessories and so visually it looks equally weighted. White sculptural forms with soft rounded edges grouped loosely in three’s work beautifully together and set the scene for the eye trickery!

What does that mean? Well, it’s quite simple! A cascading ivy takes the eye from the low left hand side and slowly rises along the surface to the top of the taller plant and the picture frames. Your eye is never too distracted as the grey tones of the prints and the candles blend gently into the otherwise all white scheme – easy!


Aria White_02

Aria glass and white oak sideboard


The glass legs give this sideboard the ‘WOW’ factor, giving it a light and airy feel

Family Living:

Family living is often vibrant and fun with bursts of colour but sometimes lots of clutter! Danetti have created this wonderful Glide sideboard in collaboration with Julia Kendell to allow ample concealed space within the sideboard itself . Allowing you to create a stylish surface on top.

So how does this one work? Well again there is a careful planning to this stylish arrangement. Firstly the grouping of three accessories on one side add varying heights to one side. Then adding wide bowl on the other side helps balance the tall group and combine beautifully with the sideboard and other accessories.  All the while subtly combining all the colours used elsewhere – simple!



Danetti 191015_011 Colour Correct and drawers respaced

Glide sideboard in grey gloss with teal and oak


This contemporary sideboard has been designed with real homes in mind.


Warm Tones:

Its much harder to create a fresh look on a wooden surface than on white furniture. Wood is a wonderful material but the grain can create quite a distraction and is a focal point in its own right.

So, how can you lighten up the look of wood and blend the accessories? The stylists at Danetti have created this look to accentuate the warm tones of the Walnut Assi sideboard. By choosing some soft aubergine and chocolate coloured glass vases compliment the warmth of the walnut. Then we’ve blended the coloured glass with white pots and monochrome prints. By using lots of greenery and a copper tray for the grouping on the left hand side to sit on we tie the entire look together.

Why does the tray help? Well, using a darker tray helps to bridge the colour and warmth gap between the white sculptural pots and the rich wood tones helping to blend the colours and textures so that it looks pleasing and not too harsh.



3 - Assi Walnut_03

Assi walnut sideboard 


The drawers and cupboards also all have ‘soft’ closures adding a truly luxurious look and feel to this sideboard,


Eastern Promise – Stylists Top Tips! 

Eastern Promise Infographic Final
Assi Wenge_04

Assi Wenge Dark Wood sideboard


Ideal for living and dining room storage, the Assi sideboard has 2 spacious cupboards and 3 handy drawers
Published Date: August 2016 

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