Instagram Like a Pro: 5 Tips for The Best Interior Instagram Account

Instagram Like a Pro: 5 Tips for The Best Interior Instagram Account

Want to Instagram Interiors like a Pro?

We are living in the age of Instagram. No matter what your interests, there is a wealth of material on Instagram. But how do you make sure your shots are seen? How do you stack up the likes and gain more followers? And how do you create the best Instagram Interior Account?


Trestle Desk and Fern Console Instagram Shot

Product Featured – Fern Grey Gloss Console Table, £199 | Trestle Matt White Dest, £249


What is the Point of Instagram?

Instagram is a great tool for businesses and individuals, as it allows you to hone in on your specific interests and get the insider scoops before anyone else. It means your new products or your home renovation can reach thousands of people who may not naturally find it themselves. And most of all, it’s the perfect place to find inspiration for your next home makeover project.

You’re free to get online and Google the best bloggers on Instagram, or the best interior Instagram accounts, however, you’re likely to be taken to pages diluted with inactive accounts, or pages with millions of followers.

Therefore, you’ll want to do your research. Start by following your favourite blogs and see what suggestions Instagram will have for you. That way you can explore yourself and find out what it is that really inspires you. Once you come across an account you love, following the page and saving images you like is a great way to remind yourself of what you’ve seen.

Also, check out some great interior design hashtags (more on this later) and discover new accounts all by yourself!

Elle Decoration Instagram Feed

Elle Deco UK Instagram Feed


1. Looking For Inspiration

Before we get into taking the perfect interior photo for Instagram, let’s look at the different types of Instagram account to start following:


Aria White Oak Sideboard

Aria White Oak Side Board, £749


It’s great to follow your favourite shops and brands, as this is usually the first place to hear about a new products, discounts, sales and promotions. You’ll also get to go behind the scenes and feel more connected to your favourite brands. Most noteworthy though is that your favourite shops will often hold Instagram competitions, where you can get a specific hashtag to use and enter!


Flat 15

Flat 15 Gabriella propping on a project


The majority of today’s Interior bloggers will have an Instagram account to share their new projects, inspiration or travel tips. They often link up with popular brands and offer one time special discount codes. Interior Blogs tend to be a great source of inspiration, as you will always find someone who matches your interior style and also your budget!

Living etc

Living Etc. Instagram Feed


It’s no secret that interior magazines are our favourite way to get inspiration. There’s no nicer feeling than settling down with a warm cuppa and latest edition Elle Deco. Interior magazines will have the most up-to-date Interior design trends,  and are always one step ahead of the bloggers.

That said, most of us don’t find the time to sit down and read a magazine, so by following these brands on Instagram, you can get all the best bits of the magazine on the go (plus without forking out an eye watering £5 for them!)

Design Milk

Design Milk Instagram Feed

Interior Inspiration

Theres a whole community on Instagram around truly beautiful interiors and architecture. You will get feeds dedicated to sharing the most stunning properties from around the world! Although these interiors aren’t without a hefty price tag, it’s such a great place to start gathering inspiration. And who knows, if you work hard one day soon your own home could be featured!

Our Money Pit

@the_money_pit Instagram Feed

New Home Accounts

Believe it or not, the New Build Instagram scene is huge. With your real, everyday people documenting their new homes or home renovation projects, and sharing tips and tricks. The beauty of these types of accounts is that they’re realistic, affordable and if you have a question, you’re more likely to get a response! If you want real homes, these are the accounts to follow.


2. Setting Up The Perfect Interior Shot

Now you’ve got your inspiration and know the look you’re after, it’s time to set up the perfect shot for your personal Instagram page. Follow these simple tips for a perfect professional looking photo:


Trestle and Finn Instagram Shot

Tap the Screen on an iphone and instantly adjust the exposure!


1. Lighting is Everything – Get it wrong and you’ll have a drab and boring image. However, get it right and you can create the most beautiful, bright, airy and insta-worthy interiors photos. Play around with the built in features on your phone to instantly adjust the exposure for a bright, airy photo.

Top Tip: Shooting in natural lighting will always give the best results. We reccomend shooting in the morning, between 8am-12pm.



An angled shot will allow you to see more of the room, and gives more context to an imageTrestle and Finn Angled Shot



2. Get the Good Side – When it comes to using an iPhone for interior photos, it’s really important to get the right angle. A front on image creates more focus and drama. Alternatively, if you want to get more context and mood in your image, try shooting at an angle. This allows you to get more of the room in and show off the entire scene.



Fern Grey Gloss Console Table

Fern Grey gloss Console Table, £199



3. Less is More – Once you’ve got the perfect position for your photo, get styling! Make sure your Instagram interiors actually look as though someone lives there, because strangely enough, you do live there! Nobody wants to see a perfectly propped home as it’s not realistic. Style your home in a way that looks inspirational yet practical.

Top Tip: Always check your props through the camera. Although your styling looks great to the eye, it may be not so great through the camera. It’s best to move props while looking through your camera, as this is what your followers will see.



3. Edit!

Now, go and look through you’re favourite Instagram feeds. What’s the one thing you’ve noticed? A distinct lack of filters? That’s because your Instagram pro will edit their images before posting to get the most beautifully lit, focused and inspirational shot. If you want to replicate this same feel, follow these simple steps:

  • Download a good photo editing app, such as VCSO or Snapseed. With these you can balance your photos, blur the background and crop into your photographs.


snapseed Editing Tools

Editing tools available on the Snapseed app


  • We’ve gone with Snapseed here and as you can see, you have so many options to edit your photos. Whether you’re photographing interiors, people or landscapes, there’s plenty of specific edits for those quick, on the go uploads.
  • The most important function, as we previously mentioned, is getting the brightness right. We have a curves option in Snapseed which auto-adjusts the brightness to get the perfectly lit shot. You can edit it more or less if you want a more dynamic look.



Trestle Desk Exposure

Exposure can make a huge difference to your shots. Product featured: Trestle Matt White Desk, £249 | Finn Dining Chair £55


For example, take a look at Julia Kendell @therelaxedhome. All of her images have the same feel to them (because they’ve been edited). They appeal to her targeted audience, are all very inspirational and 100% achievable!


The Relaxed Home Instagram Feed

The Relaxed Home Instagram Feed


4. Upload and Hashtag

When it comes to uploading your images there’s a few insider secrets we’re about to share with you. Firstly, think about the time of day you’ll be sharing you pics. You can hashtag to your heart’s content, however, if you post your picture when no one’s online, it’ll be a flop. If you start typing an interior design hashtag, Instagram will show you similar results, including how many posts have used that tag.


Interior Design Hashtags


So, how do you get more followers fast on Instagram? You’ll want to get to know the time of day your favourite Instagram accounts post and then post around the same time too. These tend to be early in the morning, when your followers are waking up. Also, midday is a good time as people will be on lunch breaks. Finally, think about posting in the evening, after people have finished their dinner and are sat down chilling out.

Along with the time of your post, get to know the most popular Instagram hashtags. Take a look at the days trending hashtags and use these accordingly.


Top Tip: Make sure you use relevant hashtags. It’s no good using #summer just because it’s one of the most used hashtags. Especially when your post is about your Christmas tree decorations!


Ultimately, like many of our followers, they want shots to be seen by us. Most companies will have a specific hashtag. This is so their customers know what to tag to get seen, and they can easily find their images online.


For example, at Danetti, we have started #mydanetti. We use this hashtag on our own posts, but also make our followers aware of it. That way, when someone wants to share their beautiful Danetti furniture, all they do is use #mydanetti, and we’ll get a notification instantly.



#mydanetti entries


Don’t forget to do you research into the popular hashtags for the best interior Instagram account. You can find out the best interior design hashtags for 2017, such as #interiors #interiors123 (see- they’re not all obvious!). Finally, use specific hashtags for furniture to be sure your shots are seen by the relevant people.


5. Our Top Interior Instagram Account to Follow

Looks like you know all there is when it comes to finding inspiration, taking your photos and uploading luscious Instagram interiors, we want to share with you some of our favourite pages.


Flat 15 Feed

Flat 15

Gabriella is an interior stylist and new mummy, sharing inspiration, travel snaps and motherhood. Her account is colourful, yet remains co-ordinated. Whats more, it’s a great mix of her home and inspirational interiors.


Danetti Feed


Come on, you didn’t think we’d write a post about the best interior instagram accounts and not feature ourselves!? We’re very proud of our feed, plus it’s the first place you’ll find out about our promotions, competitions and new products. In addition, you’ll also get a load of behind the scene shots, so you can see into the Danetti Life.


The Money Pit Feed

Our Money Pit

This is a bit more of a personal recommendation. We recently had the pleasure of meeting Thea, owner of @our_money_pit whilst filming a customer testimonial with her. Thea is one of our followers who tags us in her images and shares tips on renovating her early 00’s semi-detached house. We think this is one of the best home Instagram accounts. Her feed is super inspirational, and if you’ve got a questions, you’ll get an answer! (Plus, if you want new home hashtags, check out Thea’s feed for the best ones!)


Elle Decor Feed

Elle Decoration UK

Possibly the one magazine everyone aspires to, we love Elle Deco’s Instagram feed. Full of colour co-ordinated posts, tips on the newest interior design trends and the ones to watch. For an interior Instagram account without the cost of buying a physical copy, Interior Magazines are great feeds to follow.


The Frugality Feed

The Frugality

Alex Stedman, owner of The Frugality blog is a great all rounder. The clue is in the name really, Frugality. Alex focuses on affordable design yet shows it in a way that looks super exclusive. If you’re after an Instagram feed with interiors, fashion, travel, and behind the scenes of new collections, The Frugality is a goodie. (Plus, Alex is super active with Instagram stories and replying to comments- she’s great at engaging with you.)


What have we learnt?

All things considered, I hope you now have all the information you need when it comes to taking the perfect interior shot. Including getting loads of new followers and generally winning at Instagram. Just to round it off, lets re-cap the top tips to take away:


Fern Console and Plaza Stool Instagram Shot

Product Featured: Fern Grey Gloss console Table, £199 | Plaza Grey Velvet Stool, £99


  • Get the perfect shot by focusing on lighting, positioning and styling.
  • Be sure to edit your shots to create a consistent and inspirational interior Instagram account.
  • Follow your favourite shops and brands for exclusive promotions, competitions and get to know their hashtags to get your pictures featured!
  • Use hashtags wisely. You don’t want to over do it with irrelevant hashtags. The maximum hashtags you can use on each post is 30.



Now that’s all said and done, get yourself on Instagram and follow us @danetti_com. In the meantime, share your pictures with us by using #mydanetti. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

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