How to Work Art Deco Style into Modern Interiors

How to Work Art Deco Style into Modern Interiors

The world of interiors is always evolving. In this day and age, there is a focus on practical, technical, modern living. However, trends come and go, then come back again.  For example, we’re beginning to see more and more Art Deco elements being re-introduced into our homes. Art Deco styling is an elegant way to bring a welcome collaboration of modern day living and the timeless style of the bygone era.


Art Deco Inspiration- All Images via Pinterest


We’ve teamed up with Good Homes magazine Editor, Karen Walker, to discuss this Art Deco resurrection and to show you how to bring Art Deco Glamor into your Modern Home.


What Defines Art Deco Style?

Art Deco Style is “the predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colours”.

Think blush pink walls with black frame details. Or marble geometric floor tiles with gold inlays rather than typical grout. Art Deco is a distinctive style oozing glamour, a muted colour palette and striking shapes and silhouettes. To bring Art Deco into your home, these are the 5 key features you’ll want to include:


  1. Focus on Shapes: Be it curves, geometric shapes, or a combination of the two, Art Deco is all about the structure of shapes.
  2. Metallic Details: With pops of brass in tiles, lamps and hardware and wallpapers, Art Deco is incomplete without a touch of metallic.
  3. Soft, Muted Colour Palette: Combine muted pinks, blues, greens and balance with bold blacks or navy.
  4. Oversized Details: Oversized lamps, artwork and furniture is a key sign of Art Deco Interiors.
  5. Luxury Textures: Velvets, leathers, feathers and furs are all seen in Art Deco interiors, bringing an air of luxury to your home.


Look 1: Bold Blush Art Deco

Our first Art Deco look is one full of texture and colour. Start with patterned, paintable wallpaper. This will bring the Art deco style, but allow you the freedom to colour-match to your existing interior style. Cold black granite blends beautifully with soft pink Velvet and Metallics, creating a softer overall look with a harder edge.


Strong Art Deco Moodboard


When it comes to your furniture, choose curvacious shapes that will create a juxtaposition against the angular, geometric wallpaper. The cylindrical shape of the Plaza Stool in Blush Velvet and Brass sits beautifully against the angles of the Sanza table, all the while clashing the Brass against the Stainless steel of the base.


Velvet and Brushed Brass Base of the Plaza Stool in Blush Pink


Mixing and matching soft leather and gloss finishes reaffirm the contrast of this Art Deco style, whilst creating a modern interior suitable for any home. Add a touch of steel blue to prevent this look feeling too feminine.


Stylist Top Tip: Be sure to introduce extra colour and metallics in your soft furnishings, such as brass picture frames and the odd blush pink or blue cushion or object. 


Get the Look:

Plaza Velvet in Blush


Loop Corner Dining Bench in Graphite Grey


Grey Gloss Sanza Extending Dining Table


Look 2: Bright Family Art Deco, by Karen Walker

When putting together this mood board I had in mind a restful and sophisticated scheme, perfect for unwinding on a quiet evening or a relaxing setting for entertaining guests. Serene colours are combined with an interesting mix of materials, from gloss and natural wood to linen and natural fibres.



The Halo coffee table has a sleek appearance, and when paired with a muted colour palette and dark flooring, it can take centre stage. Soft teal and sage green are great colour choices for walls, as they act as both a nature-inspired neutral and an injection of colour. Combine with a subtle pattern, like this small scale geometric wallpaper – it has hints of metallic, adding a touch of glamour without overpowering the scheme.


Halo Coffee Table in White Gloss and Stainless Steel details


Karen’s Top Tip: Mixed metallics are set to be a big trend in 2018, with metallic paint becoming increasingly popular. So why not complete this look by painting picture rails and architrave details gold to match the wallpaper?


Create visual impact by contrasting materials; textured fabric works surprisingly well against gloss furniture, as it helps the eye to travel around the room. Use pink as your accent colour by pulling out a few accessories and soft, tactile furnishings to complete the look. Opt for blush pink linen upholstery that, when offset against the calm background, will set a romantic mood.

For the finishing touches, consider bringing in accessories with reflective surfaces, as these will bounce light around the room. When used in careful moderation, glass, metallics and mirrors will combine for a luxe finish.


Get the Look:

Halo White Gloss Coffee Table


Elise Leather Sofa in Cloud Grey


Plaza Stool in Silver Grey


Look 3: Subtle Art Deco

Our final Art Deco look is one more suited to rented accommodation or those after a quick home update. Rather than focusing on the glitz and glamour of Art Deco, this story takes on a subtle, modern look, with a nod to Art Deco styling. The focus is on texture and a simple colour palette with the odd hint of metallic and shape. This makes it an ideal look for homes which cannot be easily updated with current interior trends.


Subtle Art Deco Style


This board plays off the muted colour palette of greys, pale blues and a touch of brushed brass. Brushed brass is much softer than those with a reflective finish. In turn, this offers a more subtle look with all the class and warmth of classic brass. Mixing velvets with textured leathers is a key feature of Art Deco styling. However, keeping the colours more complementary keeps this look more commercial for everyday modern homes.

Ground the pastel shades with a hint of black to keep this look modern. Choose a high gloss extending dining table, such as the Metro, with a simple silhouette. Using colourful chairs will bring in a more playful touch, too. Try the Stylo Dining Chair in Steel Blue to keep this Art Deco colour palette clean. What’s more, balancing matt and gloss finishes with soft leathers will make your home look as though it’s had an interior designer’s touch.


Get the Look:

Metro Extending white Gloss Dining Table


Stylo Steel Blue Dining Chair with Chrome Base


Ripple Coffee Table in Gold


Luxe Chaise in Cloud Grey


Let us know what you’d have in your dream Art Deco interiors, and if you try any of these looks for yourself, don’t forget to tag us in your pics of Facebook and Instagram!


Published Date: May 2018 


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