How To Create An Interior Focal Point

How To Create An Interior Focal Point

Regardless of your personal interior style, all homes need a focal point, where your eye is drawn to and where your guests stare and say “WOW”. Whether it’s an architectural feature, statement wallpaper or oversized furniture, we’re here to help you create the perfect interior focal point. 


The Shell Pink velvet of our Harper Chairs create a focal point in this kitchen by adding a new colour and texture to an otherwise hard and cold space.


What is a Focal Point?

So, what is a focal point in interior design? A Focal Point is a something that will draw your eye to a specific point in a room. This could be a wide range of things from a feature fireplace, piece of artwork or one off statement colour.


If you’re feeling brave, choose vibrant furniture against muddy, dark walls for an instant, eye catching focal point in your home. The Luxe Chaise in Mustard works great for this look.

 Creating a focal point can be something super simple and subtle you may not even acknowledge it straight away- it’s that level of detail that makes you stop and appreciate a space.


How to Create a Focal Point

Architectural Details

If you’re renovating your home or lucky enough to be able to build your dream dwellings, think about creating an architectural focal point. This could be a textured wall, an ornate marble fireplace or a statement staircase in the middle of your living space.


The styling of this space is very natural and simple, however your eye is drawn instantly to that black full height fireplace in the middle of the room.

Don’t worry, if you’re not renovating there are some simple things you can do with a tin of paint.




By painting an area of your homes, such as a fireplace or staircase, you can create a dramatic contrast, leading your eye directly to this point. This also works especially well if you have any old details you wish to highlight like ornate Edwardian architrave.


Lighting Focal Point

A bold, metallic pendant light over a table or breakfast bar will instantly add height, which will draw your eye in creating a focal point with a designer edge. Alternatively, some well placed spots on your favourite pictures or artwork brings a warmer touch and makes a feature of your wall art.


 An oversized, arched floor lamp will add shape and structure to minimal interiors…


The Evey Floor Lamp in Black adds drama against pale interiors.


… While metallic and marble pendants either-side of your headboard will draw the eye in, turning something simple into something special.


The Teo pendant lights are ideal when used ether side of a bed, really drawing your eye into that dramatic headboard of the Mellow bed.



Focal Point Furniture

If you’re looking to make more of a statement with your furniture, the main thing to consider is contrast. A white table in a white room will blend in and feel light and airy but will be lacking in that spot your eye is drawn to as soon as you enter a space.


A Statement table in a contrasting finish will create an effortless focal point- Shop the Otter for minimal effort but maximum style.


However, introduce a wooden dining table or colourful sofa to contrast the white wash space, and instantly you’ve created that “WOW” effect. It’s then important to consider the layout of the space, to really showcase your stunning furniture.

When planning the layout of your home, these are the things you need to consider.

  • Position: You don’t always have to push your furniture up against a wall. Place your dining table in the middle of the kitchen, or a desk in the middle of your home office, facing a window, to create a more attractive and considered space.



The Nala and Clover set has been positioned in the middle of this room to great a dramatic statement as soon as you walk in.



  • Lighting: Arguably the most important factor in all elements on interior design, is the lighting right? Statement pendant lights over a table, or as we’ve mentioned an oversized floor lamp will bring the drama and highlight that area you really want to show off.



Large pendant lights like the Fiesta Dome Pendant draws your eye up encouraging our guests to take in the entire space.



  • Walkways: Make sure you consider the flow of your home, creating usable walkways but without having a straight line through space. You want to flow with ease throughout your home, making a point to walk past and appreciate the space you’ve created.



Placing a shelving unit coming out of a wall in an open plan space is a great way to zone your home will creating a real focal point.



Paint and Paper



Finally, there is no quicker or easier way to create that focal point than to experiment with paints and wallpapers.


We’ve already covered this a little bit, but there are so many things you can do as well as a statement chimney breast or staircase. Pinterest is full of creative and fun things you can do for focal wall inspiration.



L-R: Angelo Ocassional Chair | Scandi Desk | Image via Kidsinteriors


Different paint effects can create very different looks and feels to your space. Darker colours on white walls create a cosy nook which draws your eye in, while ombre walls bring a true colour statement.



L-R: The Naro and Form Dining Set | Image via Pinterest


Likewise, bold wallpapers can create a focal point by making your furniture stand out, or showcasing a key feature of your home, such as a reflective glass dining table.



Apart from building a focal point into the architecture of your house, creating a focal point is super easy with a little creativity and experimentation.


  • Play with the layout of your home to make your furniture the centrepiece.
  • Experiment with colour combination and paint techniques to draw your eye to a certain point.
  • A focal point doesn’t have to be in the middle of the room. Take attention to a corner or doorway with the clever use of paint.
  • Balance print, pattern and colour to create a unique and eye-catching space.



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