How to Create a Focal Point in a Room

We all strive to have beautiful homes that look as though they’ve been touched by an interior designer. The easiest way to do this is by creating a focal point in our rooms. Focal points can vary from statement lighting, bold wallpaper or that one really special piece of furniture. We’re going to take a look at the quick and easy changes we can make to our homes to create a striking focal point. Making your home the envy of all your friends!



Kitchen Focal Points

Depending on the style of kitchen you have, we can play with different elements and different sizes to create a central point that draws you into the room.

Depending on your budget this could be a variety of different things. If you’re on a tight budget, look at adding a feature backsplash around your stove. Simply adding a splash of colour or a patterned tile to your stove will draw your eye into the room. Balance the rest of your kitchen finishes and accessories to create a contemporary, coordinated look.


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If you have a bit more cash to play with, why not opt for a central island our of a precious material such as granite or marble. Then, instal a statement light overhead for a real wow factor. If you wanted to keep the lighting minimal, opt for a brightly coloured barstool to sit around your island. A pop of colour here will create a real focal point while being super practical!



Our Form Stainless Steel Barstools are the perfect addition to monochrome kitchens. The bright teal colour of the faux leather is the perfect contract to hard stone worktops.


Living Room Focal Points

Probably the easiest way to create a focal point is by using one bold colour within a neutrally decorated room. You can then add little details, such as cushions, vases and throws, around the room to pull the whole scheme together. This paint treatment works great for open plan living rooms. Paint a feature wall in your dining space to zone it from you living area.



However, if you prefer to keep your paint consistent throughout, look at creating a focal point with your furniture. A statement chaise, such as our Luxe Chaise works wonders in all interior styles. Choose in a bold colour for dark rooms, or a rich smoked blue for more neutrally decorated homes.





Focal Point Top Tips

There are a few very simple tricks to creating a focal point in your home. Take a look at these ideas for simple and quick focal point tips.


  • Play with your properties natural architecture. If you have beautiful windows or a beautiful fireplace, focus on these natural focal points to create a real eye-catching feature.


  • If your space that has no natural architectural detail or interest, a few tricks can work wonders! For example, placing a large light over a table draws attention to the dining area.


  • Having a feature wall at the back of the room diverts the eye, which helps make the room seem longer. Play around with bold paint colours or a patterned wallpaper. We love this one from Cole and Sons


  • Adding fake detailing is another good way of making a focal point – think panelling, painted MDF or mouldings. This not only makes your home look more luxe but adds instant character, too.





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