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As it’s Friday, we thought we deserved a little fun here at Danetti. We’ve been flicking through some stunning coffee table books and fantasising about our dream home… A contemporary haven filled with clean lines, cool European design and enormous sofas we think? If you fancy doing the same, here are a few of the best coffee table books around at the moment. They look beautiful in themselves and will give you inspiration and knowledge galore. 

1. House Beautiful, Home Book, £22.60

WATERSTONES SAYS: With more than 500 stunning colour photographs and 464 pages of practical advice, The Home Book is the decorating guide you will turn to time and again. Whether you’re planning a major renovation or making small changes. 

2. 100 Houses, Modern Designs for Contemporary Living, £20.99

WATERSTONES SAYS: 100 Houses is a superb sourcebook of contemporary private houses of all styles in all parts of the world. From North America to Japan, and from London to Sydney. The diverse range of locations, architectural styles, scales and budgets brought together here represents the very best in domestic architecture of the past few years. 

3.The Gentle Art of Domesticity, £25

WATERSTONES SAYS: Jane Brocket delights in domesticity. Lively, curious and creative, she takes inspiration from her surroundings, from art, literature and nature. And through the gentle arts of knitting, baking and sewing, enhances her family life. From angora cushions to gingerbread houses, from crochet blankets to geometric quilts. She injects her home with colour, beauty and fun. The result is a gorgeous, unusual and inspirational commonplace book, full of wit, whimsy and stunning photographs.


4. Table Style: Elegant and Affordable ideas for decorating the table, £16.99

WATERSTONES SAYS: A beautifully decorated table can be the making of a meal whether it’s a family supper or a dinner party. However, modern entertaining doesn’t require you to polish the silver spoons, starch the napkins or roll out the red carpet. In Table Style, Liz Belton and Rebecca Tanqueray will inspire you to make the most of what you’ve got. Combining chain-store staples and vintage finds with decorative flourishes to create a stylish and welcoming table.

And you’ll be needing somewhere to put your new books, so take a look at Danetti’s gorgeous range of coffee tables. VIEW THE RANGE

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