Copper Blush – A paint effect for interior walls

Copper Blush – A  paint effect for interior walls

The Ombre Wall- Featuring our Eames Style Dining Chair

Having been feted as the colour of the year for 2015, we have embraced Blush as our chosen colour for an ombre paint effect wall for our trend-led photo shoot with stunning results!

It’s so easy to do and the results are so impactful – a favourite feature wall paint idea. We wanted to show you how to do an ombre wall paint effect by sharing our quick ‘how to’ guide with you. It’s simple to do it, so just get your paints and your brush out and follow our easy step by step Ombre wall instructions. We used  Manna Ash and Hansel & Gretel from Fired Earth


ombre ombre


The Danetti Ombre 7 Step by Step Guide to creating an Ombre accent wall.

You will need: A roller and tray, a pale paint colour for your basecoat, two colours to create your ombre effect, a pencil, tape measure, 4 inch brush and a 1.5 inch brush.

  1. Start by painting the wall white or in a pale colour so your Ombre effect will have a really good base: Begin by painting the entire wall white and let it dry. Use a good quality paint – it is more cost effective in the long run!
  2. paint-wall-white
  3. Divide your wall: Measure two equal sections on your wall and mark lightly in pencilmark-wall
  4. Use the lighter shade on the top section: Paint in the top section with the lightest colour.


4. Use the darker shade on the bottom section: Paint in the bottom section with the darkest colour


5. Brush at an angle: Ensure that the paint is still wet in the middle where the colours meet and then firmly and in a timely manner, hold a dry brush at a 45 degree angle and blend with firm strokes downwards. blend-colours-together-2

6. Mix and blend: Mix the lighter and darker colours to create a new shade and then use a dry brush to blend the new colour to help achieve the ombre effect you desire – this added blend of the two colours will create an easier transition from one colour to the other. blend-colours-together

Using colour: One of the tricks of using colour is being confident with colour choices and accents, this gorgeous subtle Blush colour is no exception. Blush is the perfect backdrop for soft neutral colour schemes so try using white, creams and soft grey for a gentle scheme. It is perfect with metallics especially copper. If you are looking for a little bit more umph, try it with eau de nil or powder blue for a more vintage feel or a deeper charcoal grey for a cool contemporary look.Mood Board

Image two with eames72dpi


Copper Blush- These soft tones look great with the Aver Oak & White Extending Dining Table and the High Gloss Dice Side table.

We wanted to explore the colour and the paint effect and see if it was as versatile as we hoped it was or if it would look odd or out of place with two very different styles. Our first choice was to go for a contemporary, minimalist setting, where the paint effect and colour creates a real statement feature wall. Styled with our stunning white Eames style dining chair, and a simple copper globe pendant light and a soft cream rug for texture it becomes apparent that this colour and effect need little else to really make it’s mark. We then wanted to see how it worked when used in a soft feminine setting so we dressed it with our family kitchen style Aver dining table and we were surprised to find that the wall works beautifully proving that an eclectic mix of styles can really work well. This stylish retro design works really well against our ombre wall background and when dressed with some feminine elements immediately becomes a pretty setting proving just how versatile our gorgeous and adaptable our Aver tables really are.

Obviously Blush isn’t the colour scheme for everyone but an ombre wall is a modern paint effect and it might work for you in another colour, why not have a look at these two colourways and see if they work for you. We’ve added a selection of our products that we think would sit well with these schemes too.
To recreate the Green look try using: Pale Cirrus, Glass Samphire and Duck Egg – Fired Earth

Cropped Blue Ombre

This calming colour scheme is perfect for a bedroom as it has a soothing effect. This scheme is dressed with a selection of grey’s and taupes. Our Pebble and Dice grey gloss side tables would be a great addition to this type of room as bedside tables.

To recreate the Yellow look try using: Chalk white, Light Gamboge and Hustle at 5pm Fired Earth

ombre 10

Create a vibrant thoroughly modern feature wall with this bright colour choice. Simple shapes work well against this scheme so we would use this with some of our eclectic style Aver and Eames table sets or perhaps our simple Turni round white and colourful Senn dining sets for a retro twist.


Published Date: August 2015 

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