Buying Guide: Bar Stools

Buying Guide: Bar Stools

So, you want to buy a barstool?

Well, I’m not surprised, bar stools are big news! As we change the way we live, new styles evolve and right now there is a huge desire for open plan living – and following very closely behind is the increasing trend for stylish bar stools. Families especially are enjoying being together in one big space in a room that multi-tasks. This newfound love of communal space is a far cry from previous decades where there was  a dedicated dining room, virtually unused, that sat by day like ‘a shrine to dine’ gathering dust until it was needed for the next dinner party. For at least the last ten years, more and more people are opting for a one space living area that contains a dining table, tv area, and a kitchen separated by….. a breakfast bar complete with bar stools. This new found love of the bar and bar stool is easy to explain – its sociable! Even with all the other places in this one big space to sit, you will find that families and friends will choose to perch at the bar. Providing the perfect hot spot for eating, watching TV, doing homework or chatting over a glass of vino – you can’t beat the informal ambience of propping up the bar!


Well, now you know you want some bar stools – ask yourself the following questions and use our tips to make the right choice for your space.


Where are they for?

Are your bar stools for a family room? We have barstools that would be ideal for family living, all our real leather, plastic and faux leather bar stools are wipe cleanable and very durable making them more hard wearing than fabric bar stools which might stain more easily. All of our bar stools have a step up so they are ideal if you have small children that need a helping hand to get onto the seat. Perhaps you have a minimalist space and you are looking for a bar stool that will look elegant and stylish. We have some really contemporary white real leather and faux leather bar stools like these super luxe, white, pure leather Monti Bar Stools. If you are after something more quirky and your style is more eclectic than perhaps the iconic Eames Style Bar Stools would work well and they are available in a selection of stunning colours. 


What kind of bar stool are you looking for?

Do you want the bar stool to be fixed or a swivel gas lift bar stool? A fixed bar stool is stationary and a swivel bar stool well…swivels! All our swivel bar stools are gas pump bar stools with flat bases which is usually an indication of quality and they are ideal if you are catering for all ages as a simple gas lever under the seat area allows you to adjust the stool height simply and quickly. How? Simple! The lever simply opens a valve and allows the air in the tube to either go up or down depending on whether you are putting weight on the stool or not.


And what finish do you want?

Well, the finish will depend on what sort of usage they’ll get. If you are using your barstools everyday then you will find that our real leather, faux leather and plastic barstools are all hardwearing and very durable. Is it just for perching or will you be eating most meals at these stools? If you are eating at the bar it would be good to perhaps go for faux leather and plastic as they are wipe cleanable incase of any spills. And, obviously you also need to work out your budget…which isn’t a problem at Danetti as we offer stylish solutions at great prices.


How much Space have I got?

Whatever size the space you have, we will definitely have a bar stool to suit your needs, even if it’s a bar stool that can be used as a useful chatting perch whilst someone else cooks! We are convinced that bar stools are a great addition to any home. If you are short on space, it’s best to choose ones that don’t have a backrest so you can tuck them neatly under the bar. Gas lift bar stools are usually on a pedestal base so they take up less room too. When you are planning out your space, remember to account for the barstools footprint as some have a wider bottom half. If you happen to have lots of space and your barstools are going to be used as your main dining seating it would be good to get the most comfortable option you can afford. Perhaps in real leather with a backrest – if your budget will stretch to it. A deep seat will also give an opulent luxurious feel turning your lounging area into a dining area. It’s worth remembering that Swivel bar stools need more space for their swivel-ability.


So to help you plan out your bar stool area – have a look at this size guide…you can find out the dimensions of all our bar stools online.


Work out the best size table for your room:

  • Allow for about 15 cm between stools for a comfortable seating arrangement.
  • Determine the best seat-width choice for your bar or counter-height table. A bar height is generally for higher bar areas and a counter height is lower, more typical of a kitchen worktop counter height usually found in kitchen/diner areas. Be careful to double check this height as they are different.


Bar Stool Height Guide:

This is a very general guideline but would work for most bar stools although you need to allow for the angle of the seat, the depth of the seat but generally these measurements apply.

  • A counter height bar stool is generally 58-71cm from the floor to the seat (58-71cm seat height) and should be used with tables that are 88-93cms high.
  • A bar height stool is generally 73-81cm from floor to the seat (73-81cm seat height) and should be used with tables that are 104-109cm high.
  • An extra tall bar stools is generally 83-91cm from floor to the seat (83-91cm seat height) and should be used with tables that are 112-120cm high.
  • Consider the space between stools for people to eat,drink or socialise in comfort.
  • Heights are generally 71–76cm from floor to seat.


Our Seven Favourite Bar Stools:

Oak Bar StoolWhilst everyone is falling in love with contemporary styling, we still enjoy the simplicity of more classical products. Our Oak bar stool is a combination of modern styling with a traditional material. The oak bar stool is solid chunky design with a modern twist and with a step up is ideal for families with smaller children too.


Elise Bar Stool – The Elise Bar stool is effortlessly glamorous with its gentle curved back and hardwearing wipeable faux leather, it is one of our favourite stools. The highly polished tapered legs add an elegant touch and will add a touch of sophistication to any setting.


Eames Style Bar Stool Bar – This is a design classic which been brought up to date with our choice of mid century inspired colours. These iconic bar stools are available in a palette of muted tones with a few bright accent colours that you can choose from to combine with your existing interior. The plastic seat makes it easy to clean and very durable and the sturdy design is reinforced with rubber washers between the fixings to ensure no squeaking!


Curva Gas Lift Bar Stool – If you are looking for a super stylish but uber comfortable stool with a backrest, the Curve is a perfect choice! It is not only elegant and luxurious to look at, but the hard wearing faux leather makes it ideal for a bar stool as it is very durable and wipe-cleanable. The stool has a chrome pedestal with a modern flat round base and attractive footrest, it also  has a gas lift mechanism which makes the stool fully adjustable to cater for all sizes!


Form Brushed Steel Gas Lift Bar Stool – These lovely little stools have a streamlined designer feel, with a backrest for a little support and a gas lift mechanism for flexibility. The Form stools are really good in small spaces too.


Monti Bar Stools If you are looking for a really luxurious bar stool then why not opt for our Monti bar stools. This product has been designed with quality in mind. Made from real leather the envelope style stitching is simple but striking and gives the stools a feeling of opulence. Finished with a brushed steel frame, these stools are also extremely comfortable.


Candess Bar Stool A stylish elegant curved stool available in luxurious faux leather or soft tactile split leather, the stool is available in seven colours. It is a simple design with a chrome pedestal with a round base and has a gas lift mechanism which makes the stool fully adjustable.  We love the stylish elegant curves of the modern Candess Gas Lift bar stool – they are the ultimate in a quality bar stool.

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