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Wooden shelving is a wonderful way to clear the clutter, display gorgeous accessories or store treasured possessions. At Danetti, we have curated a variety of open shelving pieces in different wood finishes so you can have this wonderfully tactile and warm finish in your home. We've even combined some of our styles with slick glass display areas, all to give you more style and variety to choose from. Whether you have a super modern or more traditional style of interior, our range of contemporary wooden shelving units are the perfect way to store your favourite items in style.

What is a wood veneer? The great thing about thick veneers is that they give the look of solid timber but with more stability, making a wooden veneer a great material choice for our range of wooden shelving units. A wooden veneer is made up of thin slices of timber that have been bonded to an MDF core. The grain is then meticulously matched and the wood is then finished and treated with a sealant. This process not only makes the finish look good but also makes it very durable.

How do I clean a wood veneer shelving unit? When cleaning your wood veneer shelving, we suggest using a damp non-abrasive lint free cloth. For the best results, move in the direction of the wood grain and for more stubborn marks, apply a dab of mild dishwashing detergent to your cloth. Never use wax-based polishes or cleaning products on the veneer as this will create a cloudy and uneven appearance on the surface.

What is tempered glass? All of our glass products, including the glass used on our range of wooden shelves, is tested to British Standards to assess its strength, safety and durability. This makes tempered glass one of the strongest surface materials you can get for the home so you needn’t worry about the shelves being fragile.

Measure Up!: When choosing your shelving, make sure you check the height, width and depth of the space where you're planning on placing the unit. It's also a good idea to consider what type of storage you're after and how many shelves you'll need. If you have a particular piece in mind that you'd like to showcase on your shelving, be sure to check this fits!

Stylist’s Tip: Bookshelves are not just for books, so you can get really creative with your styling. When displaying your favourite accessories and possessions on any shelving unit, we suggest sticking to the 'Power of 3' rule. The 'Power of 3' involves grouping items in sets of 3 to create a sense of balance and effortlessly coordinated styling. If you’d like to learn more about how to use this super styling trick, check out our “Top Stylist’s Insider Secret – The Power of 3” blog post. Another insider interior stylist trick is to colour code book spines so that they flow from one colour to the next giving your shelving a designer style.

Good To Know: If you’re planning on styling any items that have a rough underside on the shelves of your unit, a great tip is to use sticky pads on the underside of the item. This way, you can protect the surface of the shelves but you won’t interrupt your styling!

If you’re looking to coordinate the look throughout your living space, we have a variety of items in the Aria collection that will instantly give your home a designer, fresh and contemporary look.

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