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Place all of your favourite photos and ornaments pride of place on a sleek glass shelving unit. Glass shelving is a modern contemporary look that we love. The transparency of glass makes it a perfect material choice to create the illusion of 'floating' furniture! This is a modern and incredibly sleek design feature that will instantly add a wow factor to your space. Pieces like the Aria shelving unit tick all of the right boxes, with the solidity of a wooden shelving unit but with an added design feature of glass shelves. Glass shelving adds elegance to any shelving design, especially when combined with a wooden finish. Glass is incredibly versatile though so there's no limit to what you can style it alongside.

Good to Know: Glass is a lovely reflective product so it works really well for shelving as it allows light to reflect around the unit giving your prized possessions highlights and allowing them to really take centre stage. Shelves are usually quite bulky so when they are made of glass they give a weightless stylish feel to the room which is ideal for darker rooms or just those looking for a modern edge.

What is Tempered Glass? You needn’t worry about the glass shelves being fragile as they are made from tempered glass. Unlike regular glass, tempered glass has been treated by heat or chemicals to increase its strength, making it one of the strongest surface materials you can get for the home. All of our glass products are tested to meet British Standards, so you know you are choosing a durable, quality and safe material for your home.

Dark vs Light: Because glass is so versatile, you can style it alongside a range of finishes to create a variety of looks. For example, the Aria Glass and White Oak Shelving Unit has a glass and white oak finish which will give your space a bright, open and fresh look. Alternatively, the Aria Glass and Espresso Dark Wood Shelving Unit has a glass and dark wood veneer combination which gives the unit a dark luxe look. Consider your existing colour scheme and the look you’re hoping to create when deciding what material to style alongside your glass shelves.

5 Reasons to Choose Glass Shelving for Your Home

1. Versatility: Glass shelves are extremely versatile as they can seamlessly be coordinated with other finishes in your home. Whether you have a glossy interior or tactile wooden finishes, a glass shelving unit will fit right in.

2. Durability: Glass is often considered to be a delicate material, but as we’ve mentioned, this really isn't the case! The strengthen tempered safety glass we use for our shelving is incredibly strong, safe and durable.

3. Natural Light: Using lots of dark, solid materials such as plastic or wood can make your room feel small and enclosed. With the addition of glass shelving, the transparency allows light to filter around the room and so will make your home feel brighter, more open, and more spacious.

4. Maintenance: Glass shelving is a dream when it comes to cleaning. All you need to use is a microfiber cloth to wipe away dust and dirt. There’s also no need to worry if you accidentally knock over drinks or vases placed on the shelving as any spills can easily be wiped up without leaving any stains or residue on the surface.

5. Reflective Charm: Flowers and colourful ornaments look stunning styled on glass surfaces as the colours and shapes are gently reflected back into the surface. This makes glass shelving ideal for showcasing your favourite items. Read More...