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Shelving is not just a useful addition to your home, it has become so much more. Displaying our treasured possessions, favourite photographs or much loved coffee table books has become quite an art and also an important part of our home decoration. People colour scheme their shelving by choosing objects that go together well visually or have a similar theme. Decorating shelves so that they not only offer good storage but look aesthetically pleasing as well is made much easier if you start off with a really stylish shelving unit! That's where Danetti can help - choose from our selection of simple but striking shelving solutions and give your ornaments a decorative display area to suit your room.

Stylist Tip:

Regardless of how big your space is, if you don't have any built in storage then one of our shelving units could be just what you need. These stand alone pieces will create an ideal platform for you to display your personality and dress your room accordingly. If you are short on space, you might want to choose one of our ladder style units, if space isn't an issue then why not have a look at our large shelving units that will give you ample space for all your personal bits! Read More...