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WIth more and more new homes being built without enough built in storage and smaller rooms, here at Danetti we decided to offer a slimline storage solution that will work in those situations as well as larger rooms. If you're space is limited then this lovely unit will work well in a smaller room or if you have the space you could create an more expansive storage area by using two or three of the units side by side. With the right balance of storage and display, this little gem of a cabinet will work really well in living rooms, dining rooms and even in TV rooms and bedrooms. So if you are short on storage then perhaps this is just right for you and your home.

Good To Know:

This snug cabinet is the perfect solution when you need some storage that will not dominate the room. With enough cupboard space to conceal belongings you don't want to see you will easily be able to clear the clutter. To add a personal touch we have included two small open shelf areas which allows you to dress the unit and soften the effect and will keep it looking to basic and bland. The smaller decorative display areas add interest and personality and will really help set the tone of your room and interior style. Read More...