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Verano Lounger Twin Set with Lago Side Table

What better way to spend a lazy summer's afternoon than with a friend or loved one relaxing in a Verano Lounger with Footstool. The Lago Side Table is a handy addition to this set, where you can keep drinks and nibbles within reach. Having separate loungers means you can move around the garden to suit you, perhaps one person stays in the shade while the other would prefer the sun. What You Need To Know:
  • We know that buying a comfy looking chair can sometimes be underwhelming. That's why we've gone the extra mile with the Verano and developed the cushions to create a deep and sumptuous seat you can truly sink back into.
  • The Verano lounger and Lago Side Table are made from aluminium tubing. This makes them light enough to move around the garden with ease. Although aluminium is light, it is incredibly strong and doesn’t naturally rust, so it’s perfect for use in the garden.
  • The seat and back of the Verano have a breathable gauze which gives extra cushioning to the seat, that you wouldn’t experience with a hard, wooden lounger. The gauze sling is made from a coated plastic so it is ideal for outdoor use.
  • To keep the cushions on the Verano Lounge Chair and Footstool looking their best, we’ve added an anti-UV coating to help prevent the colour from fading in the sun. While most fabrics will fade slightly when exposed to direct sunlight, the anti-UV treatment slows the process drastically meaning your cushions will look great, for longer.
  • Both the the Verano and Lago are finished in a grey powder coat which produces a sleek matt finish. Powder coating is easy to clean and maintain, meaning you’ll get to spend more time relaxing, rather than cleaning!
  • The cushions on the chair and footstool have been treated with a showerproof coating. This prevents moisture being absorbed into the cushions so you don't need to take the cushions in every time there's a light shower.