Terni Round White and Senn Colourful Dining Set
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Terni Round White and Senn Colourful Dining Set

The Terni Round White and Senn Colourful Dining Set is a great choice if you want to create a setting with a simple but dynamic style at an affordable price. The round shape of the Terni is an opportunity for a cosy communal space, while the Senn chairs instantly add a contemporary pop of colour. Perfect for everyday family dining, the Terni Round White and Senn Colourful Dining Set would be a sleek and practical addition to your dining room interior. What You Need To Know:
  • The Terni dining table has a simple four legged apron construction which is a modern nod to a classic farmhouse family dining table. This simple yet sleek design keeps the table looking slim and streamlined, while providing plenty of legroom for all your dinner guests.
  • The edge of the Terni is finished with a subtle chamfer which gives the table a slim profile. The chamfer adds that extra little bit of detailing and shape, rather than having a hard edge.
  • The finish of both the table and chairs is a matt satin. It's not glossy but it's got enough of a light sheen to be smooth and pleasingly tactile, adding a modern, bright and spacious feel to your dining space.
  • The design of the Senn chairs is also a modern twist on an old Farmhouse style, along with a touch of Mid-Century design too. This adds a subtle edge to the chairs simple design, while also making them a dream pairing alongside the Terni table.
  • The Senn chairs are available in a variety of vivid colours, creating the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your space. This makes the set incredibly versatile, as the wide choice of colours gives you the freedom to be inspired and build a set that suits you.
  • A handy feature of the Senn chairs is that they can easily be stacked, making the great space savers and ideal for easy storage.
Simple, sleek and perfect for family life, the Terni Round White and Senn Colourful Dining Set will bring everyone back together to enjoy mealtimes. The neutral white satin finish of the Terni allows you to be really creative with you chair colour choices, so why not be bold! Consider your space and what will work best for you.


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